Would you like a flat screen on the Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in hand
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in hand (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Samsung's been dabbling with curved displays for quite a few years now, but since the launch of the Galaxy S8 series last year, the company's gone all in on these curves for its flagship phones. The Note 8 and S9 series that followed the S8 also came equipped with curved sides, and with the Note 9 on the horizon, people are debating whether or not this is a trend that should stick around.

Some of our forum users recently started talking about if they want to see a curved screen on the Note 9, and for the most part, they seem to want flat displays to make a return.

I would pay extra for a Note 9 with a flat screen the same size and screen ratio as my old Note 7.


We can "get" curved protectors, but they still don't lie as flat as protectors on flat screens do. (And that video looked like a 2.5D screen, not a completely flat screen.) Whitestone Dome Glass may work, but it's not available for all phones - and it's not cheap. Blues Fan, it's because we're willing to buy the ones with less RAM, less storage and fewer features, and pay new price for a...


Then again, some don't mind the curved look.

Now that we can finally get good screen protection (spelled OTAO, Zagg, White Dome and others) I have absolutely no problem with the curves. That said, the curved screens do absolutely nothing for me either. Seems like a gimmick but one person's gimmick is another's favorite feature.


With that said, we'd like to know where you stand – Do you want a flat or curved screen on the Galaxy Note 9?

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  • Curved screens are just for looks. Prefer flat screens. Thank goodness no one else followed Samsung in doing curved screens for their phones.
  • If my memory serves well, the Porsche design variant of the P20 Pro has a dual curved screen.
  • And the Huawei Mate 9 Pro last year and new Nokia 8 Scirocco. As much as I don't see the point of curved edges, at least Samsung added some functionality to it and not just for looks
  • Except for edge illumination, those same functions would work just as well on a flat screen.
  • Pixel 2XL has a curved screen.
  • Actually it doesn't. The glass is curved on the front, but the display is actually flat.
  • Personally I would prefer flat screen, so a nice screen protector can be purchased that will stay on perfectly. No more issues with the protector coming off the curved sided or accidental touches.
  • I'm all in for flat notchless screens...
  • 👍
  • I like samsung's curved displays. I enjoyed using it on the S7 edge. I think they would be crazy to drop them now. In a world of black glass slabs, samsung at least has something unique, and it certainly has not hurt their sales!
  • Absolutely. I haven't upgraded my S7 because I don't want the curved screen. I got an S7 to replace my S6 edge because I hated the screen. I love everything about the S9 except the screen, so I may be waiting for the Pixel 3.
  • I think the note should go back to flat. Since it would give the S pen more real estate.
  • Absolutely. There are times I try to select text near the edge and it simply won't.
  • I love curved displays, but the Note should be flat and not even 2.5d, so that you can put a good tempered glass protector on it.
  • hate the curved screen, that's why I went with a the S8 Active. Flat Screen and a stronger battery. Also more rugged, but that just means I don't need an otterbox or other tough case.
  • Yea i have been wanting an active since the first one came out, the active s9 might be my next phone now that its at tmobile now.
  • I'd prefer a flat screen Note. The curved display isn't functional to write on. And I don't want to spend ~$45 for a White Dome screen protector to protect the display.
  • The curved display is not functional at all. It is simply a gimmick. All the features - except for edge lighting - can work on a flat screen, such as my previous Note4.
  • Hate curved glass. Flat screen is my preference, its a deal breaker as long as I have a choice of course. I will never chose a curved glass phone... even if that means switching back to an iphone to avoid it. I can't think of one single benefit, and can rattle off 3-4 detriments off the top of my head. My cousin has a note 8 and the only screen protector he can use is a funky plastic one (for various well documented reasons)... totally scuffed, scratched and gouged after just a month. It has an "icky-sticky" feeling to the touch, which I assume is the difference between glass and plastic protectors in general.
  • Yes!!! Screen protectors for the curved are a mess.
  • Why would writing/annotation on a curved surface be considered useful? I wish they would stick to the curved gimmick for "shiny objects" like the Galaxy S phones and stay more professional with the Note
  • Flat please...
  • I would have bought one if it did.
  • Yes to flat screens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No to curved!!!!!!! I will pay extra to have a flat screen.
  • Curved is fine for this Note 8 owner.
  • No way! I love the curve on my Note 8. Screen protector manufacturers are the ones who need to step up their game. Sammy can make a flat Note 9 plus for those who want it. I love my curvy, distinctive phone, thank you!
  • I would definitely appreciate it if Samsung were to go for a flat screen on the Note9, the rounded screens don't really add much and make the phone terrible to hold when not in a case.
  • Hell no. Curved is ten times better.
  • I love the Curve screen Gives the phone and edge.
    Besides its a slight curve nothing like the S6 and S7 Edge.
    That my friend was an aggressive curve.
    Also now we finally have Glass protectors that work so that's that.
  • I would like a flat 16:9 rectangle with nice 90 degree corners and no notch for my next phone.
  • I have a simple solution for the note9. Offer two models, a flat & a curved display. That would satisfy all the cry babies! Yikes!
  • True but consumers that want a Note sized phone is a small portion of the market. It wouldn't be worth it for Samsung to do that with the Note, but with the S line they could have a flat screen other than the active version.
  • I'm still holding on to my Note 5 because of the flat screen. If the Note 9 will have a flat screen that will be my choice..
  • Still don't like the extra glare created by curved screen. Would like to see Samsung go back to flat.
  • I hated it on my S7 Edge. The V30 I have now is curved, but not so severely as Samsung. The viewable portion of the screen isn't curved on the V30 like it was on the S7 Edge.
  • The curved edges are great. There are plenty options out there for those that want a flat screen.
  • With a stylus?
  • With wireless charging, SD card and pen?
  • Yeah, if you want a substandard phone like an LG Stylo. Note pads aren't curved, and the Note shouldn't be curved. Save curved screens for the S line. It's marketed to kids. The Note should more for grown professionals.
  • The curves look great, but serve no function. My S7 Edge got tossed in a drawer and I never looked back.
  • Curious... for those in favor of curved glass designs. What do you find beneficial? I think there are some hidden advantages I may have overlooked. I have some strong views posted above, but clearly there are both pros and cons... and it may not be as one sided as I think.
  • Aesthetics, ergonomics and in a lot of cases, people pining for removed features or lost potential. The original goal of the edge was to shove all non-content off of the flat part, allowing for constant access to navigation, shortcuts, etc and in the case of the Note Edge there were apps, such as Autodesk, that kept all if their controls on the edge. The always-on edge tickers and night clock options were great as well. Unfortunately, the tech reviewers didn't get it, and by the time the S7E came out Samsung had already backed off of a lot of the potential, reducing it to mainly ergonomics and visual flair. Now? It's entirely about style. There's no functionality and the ergonomics aren't as nice since the curves are more gradual.
  • I have a S7 plus and love the curved screen. I chose the plus over the S7 because of the gorgeous curved screen. I have not issues with it and the curves distinguish the phone from every other flat slab on the market.
  • Although I have found a little extra practicality about having shortcuts and widgets on my curved screen, getting a reliable tempered glass screen protector has been a pain in the butt. I'm not willing to spend $60 on a Whitedome.
    If good, reliable and durable screen protectors are found for the same prices as flat screened devices then I'm happy to repeat with a curved screen Note, otherwise better bring a flat screened version.
  • No, I would prefer the curved screen of today. Much better in the hand in my opinion.
  • I always use a case with a built in screen protector for phones with curved displays (my s8 screen protector was incompatible with my case and it was extremely annoying)
    Now that I use a built in screen protector, I dont mind it and kind of prefer it.
    Though the s8 active did look nice and I actually preferred that design over the standard s8 design. Though I dont know if it would actually feel better in the hand because I never owned it.
  • Flat screen please. The note line is a business oriented phone and should put function over form. Leave the curved screens for the s line.
  • By all means keep the curved screen for the S-line if that's what the majority still want but a flat screen on the Note is far better and 16:9 ratio even better still
  • Yes. Yes... YES...
  • Would prefer flat. Not really sure what benefit the curved screen has
  • The curved display was made for Samsung to supposedly "minimize" the bezels on devices, while adding "better" ergonomics. But in looking at overall history, there have been many manufacturers that achieved great screen to body ratio without needing to create curved screens. I'd absolutely support a non-curved screen, as long as they don't make the "excuse" that they had to make the device larger to create a flat screen. Samsung historically made excuses for compromises they made, whether that be for removal of the microSD (Note 5) or increase in overal body size (to add a small increase in battery). The Note series should never have needed to go with curved screens, as the main purpose was to use the S-pen for drawing, writing, etc... I can't think of any scenarios, when using a pen/pencil, that I write on anything that has curves on the edges!...LOL. I think it would be great for the Note series to be differentiated from the S series, by bringing it back to flat edges, to provide a proper experience using the S-pen on the entire screen.
  • Flat screen and metal back please.
  • Flat screen. YES. I would get rid of my S5. My top two are flat screen, wireless charging. Most everything can be worked around.
  • I want them to bring back real edge displays and offer flat variants as well. The Note Edge had actual, valuable functionality in the edge and the Note 7 offered less functionality but unbeatable ergonomics. The infinity display has no functionality and **** ergonomics. Bring back the flat devices. Make 'em boring, use non-glass materials, bring the price down to 1-200 less than the edge variants and make everyone happy.
  • I long for the return to a flat screen, I'm so tired of Samsung gimmicks. I would also be happy to get rid of the nasty glass back.
  • Nope. I'm all about curved screen phones. I'm one who never likes to go backwards and flat screens are just boring to me.
  • Why won't Samsung just make a screen protector themselves? They have all of the accurate measurements and have plenty of resources to make it look nice and clean as well as good functionality. Probably won't do it because of the income from broken screens.
  • I would prefer if they do both options if possible because I really want back the flat screen 16:9 ratio instead of that 18:9.
  • The curved screen is why I'm Jumping out of my T-Mobile Note 8 next week. I've struggled through 6 months of curved- screen nonsense. No screen protectors work on it. Most cases don't protect it. I personally know four people who have had minor drops which cracked the screen on the side. It's always on the side. Samsung, give us a flat-screened option on your flagship phones. At this point, I prefer my old Note 3. With some tweaking and a Qi sticker, I get similar performance out of a 5 year old phone that cases protect and a screen protector that actually stays on and works.
  • So far seems like 10:1 people preferring a flat screen. Wake up Samsung!
  • FLAT, FLAT, FLAT!!!!! I have never understood where Samsung was going with the curved screen! I see no point in it, and it makes protection of the most vulnerable aspect of any phone nearly impossible!
  • Flat is needed for accurate use of the S-Pen. Why the Note line has curved screens blows minds.
  • No. Just like I don't want my screen ruined by a notch. Curves distort what you're looking at. Why is it so hard for manufacturers to make a screen that doesn't have such a major (intentional) flaw?
  • I never use the edge feature though I want to, but I do like it for some reason.
  • Curved screen. Who uses screen protectors? Just take care of your phone!
  • Flat screen are just more practical. Keep the curves on the chassis. This should help keep costs down too.
  • Curved screen is why I didn't preorder the Note 7 and glad I made that choice. Got a Note 8 right now, would rather the screen be flat. Curved edge and this taller display make it feel like the screen is smaller than any Note I've owned before.
  • When using Smart Select with the pen, you almost always have the pen slip at the edge and have to redo your selection. You can still swipe in from the edge to use apps edge of you want. So I'm definitely for a flat screen on my Note. Could be just what Samsung needs to distinguish the S line from the Note line aside from the pen of course.
  • Curved displays don't really play any role in the key functions of the smartphone. They are just for looks. But then there's the whole big topic of design. The curved infinity display really make the Galaxies stand out in the crowd of flagships. They are excellent to look at and the curve makes it so beautiful. The transition animations are beautiful and the curves compliment them. While there are issues of not getting a proper screen protector for the phone and the bleeding screen during watching vids, but those are negligible. I really dig the Infinity display of my GalaxyNote8 and I don't have any problems. It was also one of the reasons I picked the GalaxyNote8 over the Pixel2XL and the iPhoneX. The curves are really stunning to look at.
  • Surely the major difference between those phones is the stylus, which loses functionality with the curved screen?
  • Absolutely yes to flat screen for the Note series. Or at least an active variant that gives a proper sized battery as well.
    The curved add reflections that are irritating, and put little strips of the screen out of the way so the stylus slides off. I've lost count of the number of different ships I've been into to try out the Note 8,coming away every time disappointed and frustrated. Now my Note 4 has died (5 not released in Europe) and we've not had a proper Note since.
    I don't particularly care about a notch other than getting annoyed that the marketing bods use it to pretend the screen is bigger.
    I do care about the screen ratio where 16:9 is far more usable in daily life than ridiculously narrow. There are enough phones 2:1 and worse that the Note could easily be a better ratio. Besides, those same marketing bods rub their hands with glee and claim a bigger diagonal screen that actually gives less area!
    The current trend is form over function; please can we reverse this for at least one of the Samsung range. Which better than the Note which is the only one with a stylus.
    Anyone who wants curved can have an S.
    Samsung could release S and Note at the same time with essentially the same underpinnings but just the stylus and screen different.
  • Flat please!
  • The curves don't bother me. The ones on the S6 edge and S7 edge were a bit to sharp but since the 8 on up they have improved.
  • Definitely would only consider it if it has a flat screen.
  • Flat, if the note 8 had a flat screen, I would be using one now.
  • Besides Edge lighting, there is nothing that can't be implemented on the flat screen. They worked well on the Note4.
  • Main thing i want from the note 9 is to hopefully be a bit thinner. It certainly does not need to get any bigger. However, i like the curved screen, and i believe they found a good balance with it being somewhat flat but still a slight curve. I have never had issues using a curved screen and i do utilize the edge functionality. also needs stereo speakers, and a louder speaker in general. Overall the Note 8 is still amazing, and i'm happy with it.
  • I just saw bottle tip over on to a gs7 and the screen cracked in the edge. It barely touched the gs7 and the screen broke due to that curved edge. No thank you.
  • I really do like the way the curved screen of the Note 8 FEELS using it, especially with the edge stuff. And the phone is gorgeous. BUT, that curve is fragile, on the phone and on any screen protector. Any slight hit to those curved edges and you can kiss your $45 screen protector or your $240 display glass goodbye. Or both. I've broken 5 Whitestone Dome screen protectors, and one of those times, the screen protector AND my phone display glass broke. I dropped the phone maybe 3 inches, but it landed on that curved edge without the greatest case on it, so there was just enough of a gap to hit the perfect spot to break both. I would much prefer a regular display, that can use a regular inexpensive glass screen protector, for the sake of durability and better protection options. I should be able to protect my $1000 phone's display with a $45 screen protector and a decent case, a drop of a few inches shouldn't take out the screen protector and the display glass. For comparison's sake, this is my first curved screen phone, and it's the only phone that I've broken the display glass. And it's not like I never dropped any of my old phones, either.
  • I bought a Note 3 in October 2013 and I installed a matte finish plastic screen protector on it right away. For Christmas 2013 I bought my sweetheart a Note 3 and the Verizon tech suggested a tempered glass protector to give the new device that polished, finished look. I went right back and had a glass screen protector installed on my Note 3. Note 3, nice, flat screen that so readily lent itself to the seamless application of a thin, tempered glass screen protector. Of course Samsung had to give the Note 4 mildly chamfered screen edges and in that the screen's surface would not accept a flat glass screen protector. Things have really gotten weird since the Note 4.
  • Yes! Flat! The glass screen protectors are so much nicer, so flat would be nice.