In a world of ordinary wallpapers, these are Wonder Woman wallpapers!

Batman seems to get a new movie every few years, and Superman gets a new movie frequently enough. There's a new superhero movie every three or four months, it seems, but the only time a female superhero gets anywhere near top billing is during ensemble films like Avengers. We haven't had a female superhero get their own live-action movie, and that streak ends at midnight with the release of DC's Wonder Woman.

Even better, Wonder Woman actually looks like it might be a good film.


Wonder Woman was a comic book hero that was introduced as an American icon, and so even though she was the daughter of demigods and Greek warrior queens, Wonder Woman's colors are red, white, and blue. And in an homage to that history, DeviantArt user Superman 8193 has taken some poses by David Despau, artfully done them up with some splashes of patriotic colors, and gifted them to us for a beautiful wallpaper that takes exceptionally well to theming.

David Despau - Wonder Woman 2 by Superman8193


Wonder Woman is a symbol of power and strength, while simultaneously a symbol of feminine beauty and this wallpaper is a testament to that beauty and grace. The golden hour glow, the wind blowing her jacket around like a cape, and her lasso in her hands… this is captivating, and casts Diana Prince as a goddess in her own right, lithe and ethereal.

Wonder Woman by iumazark


I'm not sure which battle Wonder Woman is in the middle of here, but with the sunset behind her, her raven hair impossibly framing her face. The strokes of this painting add a depth and a rough frenzy to what must be a frenzied scene and make her absolutely irresistible. This is an ideal I can spend the rest of my life reaching towards: a woman who has taken it upon herself to fight for what is good and a woman who has accepted and embraced herself and her destiny.

Wonder Woman by KoweRallen


Wonder Woman is a superhero, she's fast enough to stop bullets with her magical gauntlets, she can go toe-to-toe with gods and monsters and Superman, when she has to. Her badassery has not stopped her from being something of a sexual object — for both sexes — and while Wonder Woman might find a pin-up pose like this somewhat demeaning, I find it empowering. Here is a magnificent woman who has remarkable strength, remarkable beauty... and she is going to take that expertly coiled lasso and make you spill your guts if you keep staring like that.

Wonder Woman by Gabriel-Cassata


Despite being an American superhero with red, white, and blue all over her uniform and her history, Diana Prince is a daughter of Themyscira, an Amazon paradise that looks like a throwback to Ancient Greece. Nothing shows that contrast more than putting the star-spangled hero in front of her home's natural beauty. Diana is all bright colors and daring angles, and she sticks out like a sore thumb, even if this nature is what she grew up with, what she feel completely comfortable with.

trinquette challenge XVII by gelipe

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