Strap on this $140 Prime Day deal for the easiest smartwatch you'll ever use

Withings Steel HR Sport Lifestyle
Withings Steel HR Sport Lifestyle (Image credit: Withings)

When you think of a smartwatch, normally you'd imagine a large touchscreen with faux watch hands, confusing navigation, and short battery life. Fortunately, hybrid smartwatches break from much of that, and Withings is one of the best brands to manufacture these kinds of watches. When it comes to the best Android smartwatch Prime Day deals, the Withings Steel HR Sport may not be first or even second to come to mind, but you may want to consider this as your next smartwatch.

The Steel HR Sport launched in 2018 as a sportier version of the original Steel HR and has since hovered at or around $200. In fact, it's still $200 on Withings' website. Fortunately, Prime Day kicks that down to just $140, which is actually quite a great deal considering all you get from this smartwatch.

The Withings Steel HR Sport is a sleek hybrid smartwatch that provides advanced health features without the clutter of a full smartwatch operating system. Because of that, it can provide continuous health tracking while maintaining a 25-day battery life.

The Steel HR Sport may be a few years old, but thanks to Withings' expertise, there hasn't really been a need to upgrade this already fantastic watch. It also helps that hybrid smartwatches don't require full operating systems like many of the best Android smartwatches. This brings the best of both worlds; smart health features and fitness tracking with the simplicity of a regular watch. The Steel HR Sport has 24/7 heart rate monitoring, more than 30 sports modes, sleep tracking, and a whopping 25-day battery. And it's able to sync all this health information to your Google Fit, Apple Health, and much more.

Hybrid smartwatches like the Steel HR Sport are great for people who just want the basics. You can still receive notifications from your phone thanks to a small circular screen on the watch face, but there's no touchscreen, no apps, no confusing menus, or outdated operating systems to deal with. It just works.

And for those that want something even simpler, the Withings Move ditches the display while keeping most of the same features. It also has a long 18-day battery life, which is nothing to sneeze at. You can find the Withings Steel HR Sport at Amazon for 30% off, and the Withings Move for 21% off on Prime Day.

The Withings Move is a hybrid smartwatch for sports enthusiasts who want health tracking features without having to fiddle around with a display or notifications. And with 18-day battery life, you'll hardly ever have to worry about charging it.
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