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2020 has been quite the year, hasn't it? The good news is that we're almost to 2021, and with that comes a fresh start to go after any goals that went by the wayside this past year. For a lot of people, that includes being more active and staying in shape.

Withings makes some of our favorite health/fitness smart products currently available, and in honor of Cyber Monday, it's slashing prices across the board on just about everything. Whether you're in search of a new fitness watch, scale, or something else, there's something in this sale for you.

With prices cut by up to $104 in some cases, you don't want to sleep on this.

Withings Steel HR watch

Savings galore: Withings Cyber Monday sale | Up to $104 off

2021 is right around the corner, and that means it'll soon be time to start going after your new year's resolutions. Withings has you covered with its huge Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, offering massive discounts on its fitness watches, smart scales, and more.

From $56 at Withings

One of the products Withings is highlighting the most is its Steel HR watch. It looks like a normal watch at first glance, but there's a lot more going on behind-the-scenes. It supports all-day activity tracking, sleep tracking, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. It's even waterproof and lasts up to 25 days on a single charge!

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The Steel HR is available in a variety of case finishes and watch band styles, giving you tons of choices when it comes to the Steel HR's aesthetic. You can keep it simple with the silver body and silicone watch band, or go all-out with the gold body and metal link wristband — the choice is yours.

Another watch you'll want to check out is the Withings Move. It doesn't have a heart-rate sensor like the Steel HR, but it's considerably cheaper and still has things like activity tracking, waterproofing, and lasts up to 18 months with its battery.

You also have things to choose from like the Pulse HR fitness tracker, smart scales, thermometer, and more.

Withings Steel HR watch

Withings Steel HR | 30% off at Withings

Currently the most capable fitness watch in the Withings lineup, the Steel HR packs quite a punch. You're getting a classy design, ample fitness features, sleep tracking, and 24/7 heart-rate monitoring. It's also the most expensive Withings watch, so its Cyber Monday discount is greatly appreciated.

$126 at Withings
Withings Move

Withings Move | 20% off at Withings

Not everyone needs the Steel HR, though. If you're OK with a more simplified watch, the Withings Move is perfect. Available in a ton of fun colors, the Withings Move can track over 30 different workouts, supports sleep tracking, and has an 18-month battery you never have to worry about charging.

$56 at Withings
Withings Pulse HR

Withings Pulse HR | 20% off at Withings

Let's say you want a heart-rate sensor but don't feel like spending Steel HR money. A great alternative is the Pulse HR fitness band. It's incredibly compact and lightweight, lasts up to 20 days on one charge, and has a robust heart-rate monitor so you can keep tabs on your ticker.

$80 at Withings
Withings Body+

Withings Body+ Smart Scale | 30% off at Withings

Tracking your activity/exercises is only part of the equation for living a healthier life. With the Withings Body+, you can not only check your weight, but also see a full body composition analysis (including body fat, water percentage, and muscle/bone mass).

$70 at Withings
Withings Thermo

Withings Thermo | 20% off at Withings

Recent events have placed a greater emphasis on checking our temperature, and one of the most reliable thermometers you can buy is the Withings Thermo. It's clinically validated for accurately checking your temp, uses 16 infrared sensors for high accuracy, and doesn't require physical contact to get a reading.

$80 at Withings

Any of the deals above are 100% worth jumping on, so whether you buy a watch, scale, or a couple of things, you can't go wrong. Happy Cyber Monday!

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