Withings Activité

As previously announced, Withings' wearables are compatible with Google Fit, through which users can automatically upload data from the Health Mate app to Google's fitness platform.

The Health Mate app itself — which connects via Bluetooth LE — can track your weight, activity, sleeping patterns as well as heart rate and blood pressure provided you key in the figures. The smartwatches come with the ability to measure steps taken, calories burned, as well as different kinds of activity, with the wearables able to distinguish between running and swimming. There's a built-in sleep tracker as well that provides insights on the amount of time taken to fall asleep, sleep cycles (light and deep sleep) as well as sleep interruptions. You can download Health Mate by hitting up the Play Store badge.

Featuring a leather band, the Withings Activité is the more premium offering with a price tag of $450. The $150 Withings Activité Pop comes with a silicone band instead, but the dial itself is the same in both smartwatches. The Activité can be bought from Withings' store (link below), while the Activité Pop is currently sold out at Best Buy and is listed as coming soon. Be sure to check out the links below to see the smartwatches in all their glory.

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