I'll admit, I wasn't always sold on the idea of having a wireless charger in my car. At my desk is one thing — I'm constantly getting up and moving around need to take my phone with me, so not having to plug and unplug is great. But in the car? The phone is stationary. I'm not going to be messing with it. I shouldn't be messing with it at all.

But consider: If you're going to use some sort of car mount anyway, you might as well use one that will charge your phone at the same time.

There are a few cool things about using wireless charging in your car. The first is that aftermarket mounts come in all sorts of forms, and they're not clunky things that'll look out of place. In fact, they pretty much look like regular car mounts that don't charge your phone. The only real visible difference is that you'll run a cable from your car's 12v outlet into the charger. And since this is the sort of thing you'll leave plugged in all the time, you can do it right and route the wires as best as you can. Take your time and don't junk it up, in other words.

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And then you've got your different mounting options themselves. Some folks prefer vent mounts. (With the added bonus of helping keep things cool while the A/C is on.) Some folks perfect dash mounts. Some prefer windshield mounts. There are clips and clips and magnets to hold the phone in place — just like with non-charging mounts. So it's a very familiar process.

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I'd definitely recommend the three mounts I tested out for this video. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages in regards to positioning. But, again, that's the beauty of all this. You've got options, and you can rig things up however you want. Here's what I tested:

But aftermarket charging mounts aren't the only way to go. Most major car manufacturers are starting to have built-in options for wireless charging, which makes things that much easier. (For more on that, hit up Air Charge.)

The point is, if you haven't yet considered wireless charging in your car, maybe give it a go. It's probably easier than you expect. And if you're going to use a car mount anyway, you might as well get that much more use out of it.

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