Our Captain America Civil War themes may have decked out your phone in superhero awesomeness, but what about your wrist? Well, we've got 60 codes to put some #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan on your Android Wear watch. Tha PHLASH has has graciously given us 20 codes for his superhero watch faces:

Cap's shield looks sick on my watch, but don't expect it to power anything.Power up the Arc reactor on your wrist!

  • AMERICA ($1.99): It's star-spangled awesome! Bonus: the night mode takes Cap's shield from First Avenger to a cybernetic Winter Soldier.
  • IRON ($1.99): We all want an Arc Reactor, don't we? Now you can wear one on your wrist. Just don't think it'll give your watch repulsor-firing abilities.
  • CIVIL ($1.99): Feeling torn between both sides? Not a problem with the CIVIL watch face, which is split between Cap's shield and Iron Man's Arc Reactor.

To enter the contest, head over to our theming forum and reply to this forums thread with the name of the watch face you want to win: IRON, AMERICA, or CIVIL.