O2 customers can now charge their Samsung Apps purchases to their wireless phone bill.

Wireless carrier O2 has announced a new way to pay for apps purchased through Samsung Apps, Samsung's app store that lives in parallel to Google Play on many Samsung phones and tablets. Now, customers on O2 can opt to pay for these apps by having the purchase price billed to their phone bills in addition to the standard PayPal and credit card options already available. Prepaid customers can even do this by opting to charge their app purchases to their Pay & Go credit.

"Now you can buy apps and pay on your mobile bill or using Pay & Go credit," O2 wrote on its corporate blog.

O2 customers can charge their app purchases to their phone bill when shopping on the Samsung Apps store.

And to get customers started on carrier billing for app purchases, O2 says that users who do this would be entered to win one of four Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones.

"We'll pick one winner per day from the list of O2 customers who paid on their phone bill using Charge to Mobile on 10 June, 12 June, 17 June and 19 June, and give them a call that'll brighten their day."