Will my tablet get Ice Cream Sandwich? Our predictions

Android is more than smartphones.  With the release of the original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android has moved into the big screen arena, and it's slowly picking up steam.  There are some very nice bits of hardware out there running Android and we all are getting antsy about when the one we're using might see some Ice Cream Sandwich love. 

That's where we come into play.  We are surrounded by phones and tablets, and we're going to use a little bit of insight to make a prediction or two about when we'll be seeing OS updates for them.  Hit the break, and read along.

Motorola Xoom

The Xoom will see ICS, and it will see it soon after release.  There may be an Android 4.0 reference tablet released (we can only hope), but the Xoom is on the fast-track for updates.  While it's not officially a Nexus or Google in-house device, it is the one all the fellows at Mountain View used to design Honeycomb, and probably ICS itself.

Expect the Wifi only models to see it first, then after a bit of testing Verizon will follow shortly.  Of course, with its unlockable bootloader, expect a custom build of ICS very soon after the source code is released. 

(Note that Motorola's support forums have said an update is coming, but that's as official as we've got thus far.)

The Galaxy Tab (10.1, 8.9, and 7 Plus)

Galaxy Tab 10.1

Simply put, the Samsung Galaxy Tabs sell too well not to see an update.  We mull over specs and hardware requirements when we talk about OS updates, but in reality the biggest determining factor is economics.  A popular series of devices means the OEM (in this case Samsung) wants to keep the ball rolling.  Samsung's tablet TouchWiz is a pretty light skin, so we don;t expect it to slow things down very much either.

Like the Xoom, expect Wifi versions to see the update first, then carrier versions to follow after.  The real puzzle is what Samsung will do with the 5,000 or so Google I/O versions, which may just have to get rooted and use the Wifi-only model's update (like many of us did to try out TouchWiz).

The Nook Color

Nook Color

I don't think B&N will update the Nook Color to ICS.  We have to remember that this was designed as an e-reader and not a full blown tablet, even though it does it so well.  With the latest update, it does a really nice job doing what it's supposed to do, and B&N has new products coming out that will replace this little beauty.

Anyone who wants ICS on the Nook Color will get it the same way they got the full tablet experience, though.  Easy to flash (or even run an OS from the SD card) means ICS will get built for this one from source.  I'm curious to see just how well it performs.

(Same goes for the unreleased Amazon Kindle Fire.)

ASUS EeePad Transformer

We know the Transformer will get ICS.  ASUS already said as much, and we look to get it well before the end of the year.

I just put it here because it's a pleasure to write things like this.

Toshiba Thrive


Toshiba will get ICS out to the Thrive.  ICS isn't as big of an update for tablets as it is for smartphones, and Toshiba hasn't spread itself thin with hundreds of Android devices.  They can focus on updating the Thrive while new products are in development.

The timeline is a big unknown.  This is their first go-around with a big Android update, and there will be a learning curve.  Let's hope it's not too difficult, and we see it soon.

Acer Iconia (A500 and A100)

Acer Iconia

One of the best selling Honeycomb tablets, the Acer Iconia (both the 10-inch A500 and the 7-inch A100) will see an ICS build in short order.  Acer has done a great job keeping the Iconia updated, so they have practice doing this, and so far it looks like they are standing tall behind their Android tablets.

We think this trend will continue and ICS will come out of nowhere, pleasantly surprising everyone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab (original 7-inch model)

G Tab

Sadly, I think the days of the OG Android tablet seeing any OS updates are over.  Will the OG Tab run ICS?  I'm pretty certain it could, but it comes down to the economics again.  Samsung won't invest time and money updating this one, because in their eyes it's already been replaced with the new-and-improved 7-inch model.

C'est la vie.

LG G-Slate

We can only hope.  The G-Slate just didn't pan out for LG like many had hoped, probably because of the smaller size and bigger price tag.  The 3D gimmick can only carry you so far.

LG, I love your products, so I say this with a sad heart.  We might hear word that plans are made to update the G-Slate to ICS, and it's coming in some Q in 2012.  That date will come and pass, and it will keep dragging out forever.  By the time they get around to updating the G-Slate, nobody will have one any longer. 

Root it.  Install the custom ROM that will come.  When you're finished, you'll thank me.

HTC Jetstream


HTC will update the Jetstream to ICS, and it will still be too expensive, thanks to AT&T's pricing.  they have to decide just how Sense will work with ICS, then how that will be different on a tablet.  give them a little extra time because of this.

I do think we will see ICS on an HTC tablet well before we see it on a phone.  Don't hate -- I'm just the messenger!

HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer

Sadly, I don't think HTC wants to update the Flyer to ICS.  It's a hell of a machine, built beautifully and the perfect size for many, but I think HTC just released it as a stop-gap.  They had to get a tablet of some sort to the market, and the Flyer fit the bill.

Yes, we've seen Honeycomb leaks for the Flyer, and that might happen, but HTC isn't going to want to go any further with the Flyer.

The BlackBerry Playbook


Oh, hell no.

Dude, where's my tablet?

We're not going to list every Android tablet here individually.  It's pretty safe to say that if you have a tablet with Honeycomb, like one of the latest Archos tablets, the manufacturer is working on Ice Cream Sandwich for it as we speak.  For tablets that haven't been slammed with thick, heavy interfaces atop of Android, it's not nearly as big a deal as it is with smartphones.  On the other hand, some try to pretend they aren't built on Android, and who knows what they have planned.  Finally, you have the Kindle Fire that may never see an Android version bump past Gingerbread, because Amazon will work all their own changes into the OS.

We can't let this go without a word on the "craplets" out there.  A lot of us bought one -- it was hard not to when they end up with a pricetag under a hundred bucks.  Don't count on seeing any sort of OS update for these, ever.  Instead, expect a new model for $50 more to appear in a month or two that runs ICS, that will never see another OS update.  Know this going in, and you won't be disappointed.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • ahahahah -The BlackBerry Playbook Playbook Oh, hell no.
  • I almost died of hysterical comic asphyxiation reading that :-D
  • So I guess that means that the Sony tablet S is up in the air. I notice that the sony tab doesn't get any love at all.
  • I think it depends if that's handled by Sony or Sony Ericsson. If it's Sony Ericsson doing the updates, you should be in luck. In general I think it's very likely it'll get updated, as it's a very new device.
  • Once again I have to say (& I'm side this won't be the last time) I love me ASUS transformer! Thanks for the article Jerry.
  • I agree. Any tablet that shipped with Honeycomb is extremely likely to get ICS. Honeycomb tablets are FAR easier to update than phones because most of them are all pretty much identical- same CPU (dual core 1Ghz), same GPU, same chipset (Tegra II), same resolution, same RAM (1GB), etc. Xoom is a no-brainer, it is Google reference tablet and is nearly 100% pure Android, like a Nexus phone. Plop, done. Unfortunately, I would MUCH rather see ICS on my phone (Evo 3D) sooner than on my tablet (Xoom). There are phone-related features, like the continuous voice recog and the data limiting controls that would be wicked. But Sense is going to make that a sloooooooow moving upgrade path :(
  • You left out the touchpad breh.
  • There's a snowball's chance in hell that HP would ever release an ICS update. Considering the pace of Cyanogenmod's development, we will see one from them instead.
  • Frankly, a quick update to ICS is the reason I got a XOOM wifi instead of another Android tablet. If there is one thing I've learned about Android, if you want OS updates in short order, get the devices running unmodified AOSP. With phones, it's the Nexus. With tablets, at the moment, it's the XOOM.
  • I agree with you to a point, the exception being the Transformer. Asus has been second to none in keeping it updated.
  • Agreed. And Asus is very public about it. Can't say the same for a company like Samsung. Part of it probably has to do with them having such a big portfolio of devices but I think they just don't really care that much about past purchases. This is coming from a Vibrant owner still running Froyo. No, it's not the carriers, people. I think it's pretty obvious that Samsung either doesn't have the ability or the incentive to update their phones (past, maybe one update). Plus, it took them over half a year just to update Froyo. Remember, this WAS a flagship phone of theirs. And no, the Nexus S is a Google phone updated by Google. HTC's G2, on the other hand, just finished getting ANOTHER update for Gingerbread. I'm willing to bet the Galaxy Tabs will be the one of the slowest to update. (with the original Tab not getting one at all -- which is already a shitty experience for them)
  • Well, it's second to Motorola's XOOM. The XOOM is the only tablet GED.
  • What about my iPad? I mean my old iPhone 3G is running Gingerbread, why shouldn't I hope for ICS on my iPad? :)
  • Doing so is considered Sacrilegious... Steve Jobs will smite thee from above
  • Or reach up from down below!
  • What's your idea on the Galaxy Tab 10.1v ? My guts say no, because we're already abandoned...
  • I want my Evo 3d with ice cream sandwich as soon as possible. Meanwhile I will experience some ice cream sandwich on my new Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and will still keep my evo 3d and sprint clearly the best of both worlds.
  • You must have a lot of money
  • And very little intelligence
  • WIth my nook color, I'm sure there will be a rom available at some point that Runs ICS. The question is, will it run it well, or will it just be a hassle to try to run it. The real question given the Hardware specs is if the Amazon fire will be hackable enough. Who knows what Amazon will lock it down with, if at all. They aren't selling them as a tablet. They are selling them as a portable to buy stuff from amazon on. That's it. I have full faith in the Android community, but I got a feeling Amazon is not going to make it as easy as B&N
  • Meh...My Flyer works perfectly with 2.3.3...ICS would be nice, (maybe) but I'm not gonna' cry about it. they can keep Honeycomb which I think was Google's stop-gap to tabs while getting ICS ready
  • Acer A500 represent! Although I'm rooted so I'll get it even sooner
  • So pretty much anything that launched with Honeycomb will get the update(since ICS is basically a finished version of Honecomb anyway), but everyone else is SOL.
  • All tablets released with Honeycomb will get ICS,for the simple reason of being able to use all the apps in the Android Market and because it will be easy to update from a stock Honeycomb to a stock ICS. The only possible non Honeycomb tablets to get it will be the HTC Flyer and Dell Streak 7, which is already confirmed to get it and has been seen running it. Of course once the source code is released, loads of smaller manufacturers could port it onto their existing devices too + custom rom makers can port it to any device that they want to.
  • Damn. LG failed us.....
  • well I'm glad my galaxy tab 10.1 will most likely get it, but now I'm curios as to whether Google TV might one day get it now that it'll join the android family with its upcoming 2.0 update.
  • im soo dying over the blackberry playbook hahahah "oh hell no" i cant even picture ICS on it
  • My HTC Flyer is crying right now.....lol I honestly didn't think it would get ICS so I'm not that bummed by it so I guess if I really want to get an ICS tablet I would go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. I'm not a fan of the bigger tabs so that would be the best one for me.