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Gameloft has given us a little taste of their first Unreal-powered title, Wild Blood. It looks to be a no-holds-barred 3D combat game, complete with high fantasy gear and the full complement of custom abilities. Gameplay will span the gamut of melee hack-and-slash, archery for ranged combat, and more than a few explosive spells.

Of course, Gameloft isn't saying too much that isn't in the trailer, but with coins dropping out of just about every defeated enemy, I can't help but assume that in-app purchases are going to be a big part of the picture here (as is the case with most Gameloft titles). Let's just hope that at least they'll make the game free if they're going to be pushy with the microtransactions. 

Still, the the art's fantastic and the gameplay looks hectic. Who's interested? Anyone else getting a slight Infinity Blade vibe from this one?