Just because it's been with us for a while doesn't mean the LG G2 isn't one of the very best Android smartphones you can buy

Eight months on from the launch of the LG G2, many other flagship class phones have come our way from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony and even LG itself with the Google branded Nexus 5. Talk is beginning to turn towards its replacement, the G3, already, but that doesn't mean the G2 is dead. Far from it.

We love the LG G2 around these parts, and consider it one of the very best smartphones to come across our desks in 2013. But as we enter 2014 with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 fresh and shiny, I would still recommend the G2 as a phone to buy to anyone who would listen. Read on to see why.

The hardware still runs with the best of them


Even with the Snapdragon 801 just starting to hit devices, there's no-one in the world that could claim the Snapdragon 800 in the G2 is "old hat." When this phone launched in August 2013 it was as bleeding edge as you could get at the time, and it still more than holds its own today.

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Then there's that display. It's absolutely stunning to look at, being a Full HD panel at 5.2-inches. The edge-to-edge glass helps add to the illusion that you're actually touching the display itself. Bright, great colors, sharp as can be, it's a glorious thing to look at every day.

But let's face it, the G2 is still a beastly thing. It can handle anything you throw at it with ease and while there's no microSD card slot available, there is a 32GB model widely available that should relieve at least some of the storage worries of a lower capacity device.

Plus, Knock Code is coming.

Extremely ergonomic


Moving the power and volume buttons round the back was a bold move, but one that paid off. With those out of the way, LG has shrunk the side bezels to the point they all but disappear. Throw on-screen buttons in to the mix and what we have is a slightly larger display than the Samsung Galaxy S5, but in a smaller frame.

The G2 is also a fantastically comfortable phone to hold and to use. Whether it's just my hands, I don't know, but the rear buttons are absolutely millimeter perfect to where they need to be for easy use. After the initial novelty wears off it becomes second nature. Add this to the compact frame for a phone with this screen size and you've got one fine package.

Stellar battery life


That 3000mAh battery might be sealed in, but you won't often finding yourself wishing you could swap it out. The G2 is a warrior when it comes to battery life, and you've really got to push it beyond normal, everyday use to get to where you need a charger before bedtime. LG did it right.

Still one of the best cameras you'll find on an Android phone


Until the Galaxy S5 joined us, I'd have probably said the G2 was the best camera on an Android phone. Now, it's a little less clear, but it doesn't affect the quality of the pictures the G2 can produce. Its 13MP sensor with built in OIS is paired with LG's own camera app with a whole bunch of different modes to help you take great pictures.



Here in the UK you can snag a 16GB G2 around the £300 mark, which puts it on par with the Nexus 5. Sure, you get LG's software – though it is at least now KitKat in most places – but for plenty of people, that'll be just fine. It's not our favorite user interface, but LG has added a bunch of cool stuff like Knock On/Knock Code that's well worth considering. And you can always throw a launcher on there.

We could talk about it for hours, but it all boils down to this: The LG G2 offers fantastic value for money, in many instances offering a high-end smartphone for mid-range money. The extra battery life and the superb camera push it – in my opinion – ahead of the Nexus 5 at its current price point here in the UK. Not bad for an 8-month-old phone.

Your experiences

Those are just some of the things about the G2 that I love enough to recommend it to anyone that will listen. But what about you guys? If you've been rocking a G2 during the past 8 months share your own experiences with us in the comments below. Good, bad and the ugly, we want to hear them all!