Which upcoming Apple product announcement are you most interested in?

Apple Event 9-21
Apple Event 9-21 (Image credit: Apple)

Earlier this week Apple released an official teaser for its much-anticipated fall event. Scheduled for next Tuesday, September 14, at 10 a.m. PDT, the company is expected to unveil updates to some of its most popular devices, including new iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watches. There have even been rumors of product refreshes to the iPad and MacBook lines, as well as whispers of even more fanciful and exotic unveilings like AR headsets or even an electric car.

While we don't think Apple will show off any new product categories, it is safe to assume that its most popular products will indeed see a refresh. We've come to expect new iPhones every year, and last year's iPhone 12 series were some of the best selling and highest rated smartphones on the market. Whether this year's iPhone will be called the 12s, 13, or something else entirely is the bigger question.

The Apple Watch is far and away the top wearable in most of the world, eclipsing all of the best Android smartwatches, and the company's iconic AirPods are among the best wireless earbuds available. Rumors point to those devices having larger batteries, and some leakers have suggested the new Apple Watch will even sport a more squared-off design to match the iPhone 12's aesthetic.

If the device or announcement that you're anticipating isn't on our list, let us know in the comments below.

Jeramy Johnson

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  • Omg, I thought this was an Android forum, my bad...
  • Absolutely none of them. More interested in Android development.
  • No option for none of them... Am interested in Android products and software though...
  • I also don't really give a shirt.
  • I'm actually interested in all of it. While I don't own an Apple product and have no intention of getting one I love competition. I want to see what they've been up to and what their vision is. It's always fun to see how a competitor responds and innovates.
  • Yes, spot on
  • I'm sure that whatever the announcement Android Central will endorse the new products enthusiastically and inform its readers how they are superior to Android devices. Can you imagine an Apple forum ever doing this sort of thing with new Android products? Of course not.
  • I prefer tech news sites give its readers the truth - regardless of the preferences of its readership. And the truth is that in some ways, Apple products are superior to Android products. This is the spirit of competition. Yes, this is an Android News site. But bringing focus to the things that Apple does well pushes Google and other Android device makers to improve and do better. Android devices would not be as good as they are today without taking a few cues from Apple. That is an undeniable fact! And the same is true vice versa. Apple devices would not be as good as they are today without taking many cues from the things that Android device makers did well. On a slightly related note, I prefer the same from my general media preferences - that they tell me the truth in spite of what my personal biases may be. I don't want a "fair and balanced" media. I want media that tells me the truth. If that truth favors one side of the spectrum moreso than the other, then so be it.
  • I'm interested to see how much Apple Stock increases due to all the incremental hardware changes and boring updates to the world's most bland OS - iOS.
  • The new MacBook Pros with Apple Silicon, Mini-LED, and Chassis Redesign, of course. Apple Watch's "Real-Time Blood Sugar Analysis" feature is also high on my list of interests, although I don't care about the product itself so much as an Android Phone user.
  • I don't believe the Apple Watch is shipping with the glucometer functionality this year.
  • Breakdown is very surprising for this site. Never would have expected iPhone and Apple Watch, which is really only useful with an iPhone. Macs make some sense, as the 'Android' competitor is a Chromebook. Nice devices but not near the productivity capability of a Windows or Mac PC.
    I'm interested in new iPads. Mini specifically. Big Android tablets or small Chrome tablets just don't compete here.
  • How about NONE? Stupid idiot AC...or is it MAC?
  • You should have included "None of the above"
  • I seriously am not interested in any apple product announcements. Absolutely none.
  • Let's see what they've nicked from Android, Samsung and other Android brands this time.
    Maybe they've innovated new colours and new emoticons.
  • S Pen support