Best answer: If you want a larger screen and more battery, you'll want to get the 46mm option. Otherwise, the 41mm one provides the same experience in a slimmer profile.

Misfit: Misfit Vapor 2 ($250)

There are two sizes to choose from

The Misfit Vapor 2 is available in two different case sizes — 41mm and 46mm. Misfit previously only offered one size with the original Vapor, so it's nice having some additional choice this time around.

Both models cost the exact same at $250, run the same operating system, and have all of the bells and whistles like GPS, NFC, and a heart-rate sensor.

The 46mm one has a larger screen and bigger battery

If you want to get the absolute most for your money, you'll probably be interested in picking up the 46mm watch.

It has a larger screen size at 1.4-inches compared to 1.2-inches on the 41mm one, but since the screen resolution is the same across both, the actual quality will be a little fuzzier to some eyes.

Also, while battery life is rated at "all day" for both sizes, the 46mm Vapor 2 has a slighty larger 330 mAh battery while the 41mm model sits at 300 mAh.

If you have smaller wrists, you'll want the 41mm

The benefits of a larger display and bigger battery are nice, but if you've got smaller wrists, the 41mm Vapor 2 will be more comfortable and look nicer on your wrist. In addition to the small case size, it's also a bit thinner at just 11mm instead of 11.2mm.

Our pick

Misfit Vapor 2

A capable Wear OS watch that doesn't break the bank.

The Misfit Vapor 2 runs the latest version of Wear OS and has all the features you'd expect — built-in GPS, support for Google Pay, water resistance, and a heart-rate sensor. Plus, its two size options means there's a model for everyone.

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