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Which Android phone does Donald Trump use?

The New York Times has reported that Donald Trump still tweets from the White House on his "old, unsecured Android phone, to the protests of some of his aides," contradicting earlier reports that the president had turned in the handset in exchange for a "secure, encrypted device approved by the Secret Service." It's difficult to know with 100% certainty which Android device Trump currently uses to tweet (or whether it's the off-the-shelf model he likely used during his campaign, or some secured variant.)

But we sure can offer you some informed speculation!

There are only a few photos out in the wild of Trump using his smartphone, usually reported to be a "Samsung Galaxy." That doesn't exactly narrow it down, and most of the photos available online are low-res, making the matter trickier still. What's more, the device appears to be in a case, obscuring some identifying features. Of the two clearest images we have of Trump using his Android phone, one comes from a NYT report dated October 2015:

Trump phone

The back is pretty revealing, but you have to zoom in close to pick out identifying features. The two dead giveaways are the features flanking the camera bump — even in this low-res shot, Trump's phone quite clearly has an LED flash on the left, and a less reflective marking in the same place over on the right. The only major Samsung phone released in the U.S. with these features is the Galaxy S3, launched way back in 2012. (A different angle of the same shot shows a device roughly the right size and shape to be a GS3, with the familiar LED - camera - speaker arrangement only found on this phone.)

You have to look really close to see exactly which Galaxy Trump is using.

The GS3 is very similar in appearance to 2013's Galaxy S4, but the GS4's LED is below the camera bulge, not to the side. Same deal with the Galaxy S5. And the headphone jack being situated on the top-left side (as you face the phone) eliminates the Galaxy S6 or anything newer.

Trump phone

In 2017, a GS3 certainly fits the description of an "old, unsecure Android phone."

Further evidence comes from a more recent pic of Trump on his phone, dated February 2016. Here, Trump the presidential candidate is using what appears to be the same Samsung phone — note the home button — in a similar case. But there's another important clue in this pic — the bottom edge of the device, showing a USB port and no headphone jack. Again, this eliminates the GS6 and newer. The USB port is also too small for it to be a GS5, which used a weird double-width USB 3.0 port. Another important clue is the mic hole placement — to the right of the charging port here, like the GS3. The GS4 relocated the mic to the left of the USB port. (The irregular shape of the home key — wider at the top, narrower at the bottom — also matches the GS3, but not the GS4.)

So there you go. Trump's personal Android phone is more than likely a Samsung Galaxy S3, released in 2012, and which last received a software update in mid-2015, with firmware based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

As noted in the intro, we don't know for sure that Trump is still using this specific Galaxy S3. The two NYT reports conflict on whether he turned it in, or is still using it to fire out tweets from the White House. But if he is, and it's the same consumer GS3 model he was apparently using as of February 2016, it's safe to say it's a good three years out of step with the latest Android security updates. Many Android security scares have come and gone since the GS3 got its last update in August of 2015.

Naturally, there's huge interest in which smartphone — secured, or otherwise — the most powerful man in the world is using. And with it, understandable concern over how protected it is from digital threats. We may never have an entirely clear picture of the president's digital habits. Nevertheless, in 2017, a GS3 certainly fits the description of an "old, unsecure Android phone."

Update, January 27: Further photos from recent interviews at Trump Tower by German outlets and Die Welt reveal the president's Android phone — quite clearly a Galaxy S3 — in higher resolution, showing the features noted above in greater detail. (Thanks, Tim!)

Trump phone

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

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  • Just cause California had 2 million extra idiots. That is not the majority sorry. Just look at the map genius.
  • Apparently you don't know what the definition of majority so it seems like you are the idiot. An just for the record California had the biggest economy is the US so we should have biggest say.
  • Didn't Trump win the majority of the states? Majority of US counties? Think I know what majority means.
  • Oh, I get it! You pretend like you don't know that the other person is referencing Clinton getting the majority of the popular vote because you think it's meaningless. But then you'll throw out that Trump won the majority of states and counties, even though it's just as meaningless because if Clinton had won a couple specific states (like Florida, or Pennsylvania and Ohio) then Trump still would have won a majority of states but not the Presidency since the electoral vote is the only thing that puts someone in the Oval Office. Is that the game here?
  • It is meaningless.
  • And people like you are why the founding fathers did what they did.
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  • I'm pretty sure that California is part of the U.S. I've lived here a long time and I've been paying federal taxes so I'd hope it still is. Not everyone in California is a Democrat, but because they hold different political opinions than you they should be considered idiots? Also, a majority means anything over 50%.
  • I agree not everyone in California is an idiot. I have family and friends that live there. But there is a high population of them.
  • Gotta stay south of LA to get conservatives. OC and SDC.
  • Born and raised north OC, conservatism is dying here. I feel like most everyone are moderates and then you have the far left. I really don't encounter many conservatives unless they're small business owners or are devoutly religious. Even those people are usually only fiscally conservative. Locally I see more **** about race politics than governing politics any day of the week nowadays.
  • your 100% correct. Its become he said she said, me or them, race or not, hate or love. etc... very little talk about or debate-worthy conversations about actual politics. For all we know the Repubs and Democrats are on the same team but we are so divided that we arent paying attention to the actual problems and focusing on what phone the Potus is holding, or whats in a box, or "we need more tollerance" which is code for I dont have any and i hate you for not having it either. Russia is looking better by the day to move to. At least the citizens understand what's going on there.
  • States that only contribute corn or wheat. States who's population is less than some cities. Counties who only have like 5 ppl. Counties that have been gerrymandered.
  • Wrong. The votes are divided in such a way that old, slave owning states got to count their slaves as votes... Even tho they didn't get a vote. So they get larger percentages per capita. There's a reason this loophole has ONLY ever elected a Republican.
  • wldkytten yeah I know trump supporters aren't racist because they have a colored television. I like how you point fingers but how is that different than conservatives dictating what women do with their bodies? Or who can and can't get married? So what you dictate is ok?
  • I'm a little late to the party, but I just wanted to point out that Lincoln was the Republican President that freed all those slaves...
  • No Dems have wanted to tell you how to live. Hence, why they are the big govt. party. Rep. were suppose to be the ones for small govt. and getting the govt. out of peoples lives but they are full of it when it comes to healthcare, reproduction, and the bedroom.
  • Thats also not taking into account the 40+% of the country that could vote that didnt. So who know what the majority is.
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  • I see. That's why California has more money troubles than most European nations....all delivered by liberal democrat mentality. Look at Detroit, run by dems for years. Now half of it sits in ruins.
  • Well gator352 its because other states don't contribute federal taxes like CA does. Those European nations that have a better health care system, better infrastructure, whose people live longer? Those states? Also for your information our state had a surplus last year with a liberal govt. Republicans have been running ohio and west virginia and now those states complaining about jobs.
  • Umm, genius, we don't cast ballots based on land area. Oh, and Clinton won by 3 million votes, so it wasn't just California's "extra 2 million."
  • The other million came from NY. Another widely liberal state.
  • It's not California and the other 49 States. Yes the electoral college might need a bit of work but just letting California and New York decide isn't right either.
  • I'm not saying they we let California and New York decided everything. How about CA get the correct amount of electoral votes for the amount of ppl it has.
  • Right after you get rid of the illegals and stop counting dead people.
  • Well wlonsdale maybe your state should get some illegals to improve its economy. They contribute more by actually working in the fields. Trump supporters from middle of nowhere places that complain about not having jobs should learn from illegals and get a job. They should feel stupid that uneducated people can so easily do the same job as them.
  • What? LOL! Well, yeah they at sending all their money back to Mexico all the while not paying taxes. They also receive health care, housing, and many other "entitlements" that US, the tax payers, are paying for. I suggest that all liberals contribute 100% of their pay to the entitlements they receive as illegals. If you do that, they can stay.
  • Gator352 you should try reading up things. 1. not all illegals are from mexico, they come from many places that are not mexico. I'm sure this will come as a shock to you but there are people here illegally from asian countries as well as Canada. 2. I can see you don't know that the IRS gives them numbers to so that they can pay taxes. You don't need a Social Security number to pay taxes. Not saying all do not all do. And Trump doesn't pay taxes and according to conservatives he is smart so these illegals are just being smart. 3. You need social security numbers to get benefits. 4. No one wants to get rid of entitlements specially conservatives. Lets get rid of medicare, public schools, and lets start taxing churches, these are all entitlements I don't see any conservatives screaming to get rid of that.
  • There are any more Mexican and South American "illegals" than there are Asian and European "illegals". Millions more. But you see, most of these "illegals" don't pay taxes. Otherwise, they are immigrants with green cards.....which makes them "legal". Everything else you posted isn't worth commenting on.
  • gator352 LOL "any more" ? Don't correct other on simple typos and then do the same yourself. (Not correcting you just found it funny) I know there is more from those areas that is why I pointed out how your Mexico comment was ignorant. Again look it up and you will find that they are called tax id number which are different. Green card residents get a social security number. Love how trump supporters like him ignore stuff (e.g. science, number, math, facts) that doesn't suit them.
  • "Gonna" was intentional. Substituting you're for your wasn't. Yes, all 11 million or more went to the IRS or employer and obtained tax ID numbers. Gotcha.
  • Yea it wasn't that is why I corrected myself. Just like "any more." Did I claim all of them pay taxes? I believe I plainly wrote that not all of them pay taxes. I don't know why that bothers you if Trump who is the president doesn't pay taxes. Not paying is smart according to Trump. So are you upset that they are smart like Trump?
  • Stupid, wlonsdale. Everyone who has studied the issue (and there have been quite a few) has reached the same conclusion. There's no significant number of illegal votes. Period. Stop believing Trump's "alternate facts."
  • Did I say special treatment? I know its difficult for trump supporters to read but come on. They do not get the correct amount for the amount of people that are in the state of California. CA has roughly 39 million people and get 55 votes that around 1 vote per 709,090 people. North Dakota has 3 votes and the state as a whole only has around 756,927 people. That equates to 252,309 per 1 vote. So this fly over states get more say so. Simple math states not equal representation.
  • Wyldkytten is reading difficult for you? I clearly put electoral votes. I understand that english is one of the more difficult languages to understand but not that difficult. I didn't complain about Senate votes.
  • No, Im asking people from California have the same voice as other states. Obvious overstate gets 2 senators but maybe they should get only one representative to the house or even share one with another state. We redistrict all the time.
  • If Hillary won I'm sure none of the points youre making would've been spoken by you, right? So I suggest finding peace with all of this.
    Also, I believe I read that in the 90s Trump got overtaxed by so much that he was good for like the next 18yrs. I could be wrong but I'm 98% certain about that
  • Greanmachine I thought that the electoral college needs to be tweaked when Obama won.
    So you want me to come to peace with it but that wasn't the case when Obama became president. I read how rep. emailed each other racist thing about him as president. They were not at peace.
    Trump doesn't have to pay taxes because he reported such a YUGE business lost that he won't get taxed for a lot of years because it is considered over paying. It is a cool tax loop hole we have.
  • "At least one representative per state." That means low population states like Wyoming and North Dakota get more electors than their population alone would warrant. I know math is hard, but try to understand.
  • It actually does.
  • Yeah.... Let's let a few overpopulated cities loaded with liberals pick the president
  • Hillary didn't have a "majority"'s called a "plurality".
  • How is it outdated? If it wasn't for that, the middle of the country gets zero attention from presidential candidates. They'd go to LA, NYC, and Miami, maybe a few other cities. Why do you think there's electricity in BFE Wisconsin? Why is there internet there? It's not for profits, and it's not something the states themselves could leverage, it was DC pushing for it. The electoral college is also harder to rig. In a pure popular vote, stealing 10000 votes means more than adding 10000 votes in certain precincts. Like what happened in Detroit, where they can't recount since they somehow have significantly more ballots than poll workers reported in 37% of their precincts. I know Trump won Michigan, but this would skew the popular vote, just imagine what could have happened in NYC or LA where they don't have this smoking gun. But no, Trump lost the popular. Sure. I'm unsure if I can post sites, so I'll post broken links that you can fill in: http://www(dot)reut ers(dot)com/article/us-detroit-election-ballots-idUSKBN1422KP http://www(dot)detroit news(dot)com/story/news/politics/2016/12/12/records-many-votes-detroits-precincts/95363314/ HuffingtonPost has it too, but their bias put this as the last paragraph, not saying that the places that had incorrect tallies were in Clinton's favor. Boxes that said 50 votes had 350.
  • I put how it is outdated bc smaller states citizens get more say per vote. I did the math a couple of comments ago. Show me where I said we need a popular vote? I at no moment stated we need a pure popular vote.
  • Your post is proof that the typical American doesn't understand how the electoral college insures that election results reflect the ENTIRE country and not just the highly populated urban cities. Read up on why it exists, and it will make more sense to you. If it wasn't for the electoral college, then cities like New York, LA and Chicago would be electing our president, not the US as a whole. The election should reflect what ALL citizens want, not just urban city dwellers.
  • ctleng In fact I do know why it was created. Do you know it was also related to northern states not wanting the south to have all the say because they had a higher population due to the slaves they owned. But I think you are trying to get at is so that the majority doesn't dictate everything and the minority has some say. I pose to you a question how is it ok for ND citizens to have a vote that means more than that of someone in CA? There are many things that have been updated in the constitution. Do you know that only landowners voted at one point? Got rid of that.
  • If that's the definition of a brainless idiot, I want to be one...
  • Don't worry if you voted for Trump you likely are one.
  • Smart? We know! Thanks for noticing!
  • Hey Gator... Just sit back and watch these leftwing idiots self destruct. They are a bunch of crybabies and poor losers. Can you imagine had we acted like this the last two elections? They are all brain washed by the liberal media and could learn so much by tuning in to Fox a few nights a week. As a matter of fact, I was just watching Tucker Carlson make yet another Democrat look so foolish as he does most every night. This country has never been more divided (thanks Obama) and I can only imagine what would have happened had Hillary been elected.
    One thing is for sure. We would have been over it by now because we have jobs to go to, families to support, bills to pay and don't have time to run around protesting, fighting and vandalizing. Four years from now all of these crybabies will be eating Crow and half of them will secretly be on the Trump bandwagon and voting for him in the next election. The other half will continue to act like punks and continue to divide this country, but Trump will get to a point where he is fed up with them draining our nations resources and he'll get all of them full time jobs building the wall.
  • Haha yeah are you the one still crying over Obama? Shouldn't you be focusing on Trump? I can imagine you guys acting like this. Republicans refused to work with Obama. Republicans refused come up with ideas just hated everything Obama did. Example you bring up the wall that will cost billions of dollars yet complained about the stimulus package that obama did. Or how about when the republican rep. interrupted Obama during the state of the union. Conservatives point fingers but don't look at themselves. Got mad at Michelle Obama for fighting obesity telling her to stay out of peoples lives yet hate same-sex marriage. How about you stay out of their personal lives.
    How about you stop watching tv and read. Try NPR.
    Liberals have time to protest because they have higher paying jobs. Look up how many people in the alabama and those bible belt states are on welfare.
  • You really should become a CNN anchor. I'm serious!! Cause you can babel on and on and on and on.....or just go find you a good book on how to become a liberal the correct way. We won't stop you.....
  • cache11 you know how idiotic fox news is? because i have NEVER heard one true thing from that news station
  • Billionaire my arse. He is a failed business man of the most pathetic kind. He inherited everything he owns, yet if he had banked it when he inherited it he would be richer than he is now after 40 years of dreadful business decisions. Every day I read the guardian to see what idiocy he has been up to. Recently he has appointed a breitbart cretin and a climate change denier to positions of power. Denying poor countries sexual health care is today's horror. I wonder what the orange caliban will do tomorrow? I love the way his devotees say that he "says it how it is", followed by, 'don't take his words seriously'. How is that possible?
  • He didn't deny sexual health care to any poor country. He simply stopped billing the American taxpayer for it. Those poor countries are free to deliver whatever healthcare, sexual or otherwise, that they choose. And you, as an American, are free to contribute to any country you wish for that purpose. Your post is yet another example of "Fake News".
  • Billions of dollars in US aid to groups combating diseases worldwide could be at risk from Donald’s Trump’s “unprecedented and far-reaching” reversal of abortion-related policy, campaigners warned on Tuesday. Trump signed an executive order on Monday reinstating the “global gag rule”, which bans funding for groups that offer abortions or abortion advocacy, even if they use their own funds to do so. Campaigners fear the move could affect a wide range of groups providing lifesaving treatment, such as those working to combat HIV and Zika, as well as those helping prevent child and maternal deaths and unwanted pregnancies worldwide.
  • Sorry, but your Socialist utopian fantasy is DEAD, the working tax paying Americans have spoken loud and clear. Apparently you did not get the memo, which seems to be the norm with the leftist snowflakes, the country in in a 20 trillion dollar debt, which 10 trillion of that was amassed by the liar and divider in chief Barack Obama with his socialist agenda. Sorry, but who exactly told you, that you or anyone else is entitled to someone else's hard earned money, we are broke, and a recession like you have never seen is coming. Let's just spend "print more fake monopoly money" that we don't have, brilliant, LMAO.
  • Your missing the point, dear boy. It's not about the cash, it's about policy decisions being taken to appease those who wish to deny women the right to terminate unwanted pregnancies. Broke? How many new ships did Trump just promise the navy? What did the war of terror cost? And BTW I dislike hilary and her crooked Clinton foundation nearly as much as I do Trump.
  • Abortions are not federally funded.
  • Nope. And given that it's been illegal for federal funds to be used directly for abortions since the Hyde amendment except in the case of rape or incest (until yesterday) I can't see why you would be either. Planned Parenthood has done more to prevent abortion than the "Pro-life" (Pro-birth) movement ever has or ever will. If you have any further questions you can contact Planned Parenthood or check out their website. Title X funding is used for STD tests, education, and birth control. It was enacted by Nixon himself in 1970.
  • No, Planned Parenthood Is a health clinic. They do more than "only abortions." They provide pregnancy testing, STD testing, IUDs, counseling and more. And yes, they provide SAFE abortions. Do you know the only outcome from restricting abortions? The same amount of abortions. Only this time around, those abortions will be unsafe. They can result in lasting harm to the women and quite possibly death. In some cases, women have ingested toxins in an attempt to kill the fetus (yes, a fetus, not a "baby" at that time) but inevitably poison themselves. Now what if your daughter or yourself had an unwanted pregnancy? What if you or your daughter were raped? Would you want to carry that baby to term? Would you force your daughter to carry that baby to term? Now on the topic of "illegal" immigrants' contribution... Yes, illegal immigrants have contributed taxes. About $12 billion dollars in taxes per year. That's about 3.24 Donald Trumps. Illegal immigrants contribute 3.24 times Donald Trump's worth to the economy and the government. Much of the South-Western economy hinges on immigrants labor. Up until the late 80's, the US had a "Rotating door" policy to immigration. That is immigrants would come up and work seasonally then go back home when that work was finished. Illegal immigration was low, believe it or not, because those immigrants could easily go back home. After the policy was changed and a "hard border" was established, illegal immigration skyrocketed. Why? Because instead of going back home, the immigrants stayed fearing they wouldn't be able to get back in. And now that we STILL have this hard border, immigrants come in because they fear they don't be able to get back if they leave. Now, immigration has actually DECLINED during the previous administration and deportations have INCREASED. There is also one problem that the Wall advocates have forgotten, a large number of illegal immigrants fly in. Also, in case anyone missed it, the Trump administration has ordered all departments who tweet or have tweeted about climate change to 'temporarily' cease communication. This includes the National Park Service and the EPA. All departments with websites about climate change have been ordered to remove all reference to climate change. Recently, the administration has ordered all EPA scientists' work to be reviewed by the Trump administration before being released. Trump has essentially placed a gag order on all departments related to the climate, climate change or science.
  • No one said they can not have an abortion, just not on the American tax payers behalf, apparently you need reading comprehension classes. Why should someone else be paying for someone else's poor judgment and screw ups.
  • When was the last time federal taxpayer dollars funded an abortion? You should look up the Hyde Amendment from 1976.
  • Isn't any place safe from this vitriol?
  • And guess who's going to fill the void? China and Russia. While the U.S. fades away as an important player on the world stage, China will pick up the slack in Asia and Africa, and Russia in the mid-east.. Remember when Britain was an important state? See where they are now? That's a good prediction of what Trump will do to America. A former great nation that turned inward, and the rest of the world stopped paying attention to.
  • He hasn't disappointed. Today he would like the US to start torturing innocent people again. Locking them up in Cuba isn't enough it seems.
  • You don't have to be a genius to inherit money.
  • How so , please enlighten us with your profound wisdom and unbound knowledge, another typical liberal leftist nonsensical comment.
  • And how does this exclude your comment from being a conservative rightist comment?
  • Because his comment was idiotic and nonsensical. Critical thinking is not your or his strength.
  • Well, I have a masters degree so I guess your right 😄. Please tell me more about myself.
  • A Masters degree does not make you smart, I love people like you that throw out the I have a masters degree line nonsense, and how exactly does that make you an expert on a certain subject, I guess that is the typical liberal brainwashed by the liberal government run universities thinking, classic, so you received a piece of paper that you spend a fortune on, and now you are smarter than everyone else, LMAO
  • And I love people like you who think calling someone a liberal is an insult. You're clearly delusional or brainwashed yourself, if you think people care about what you call them. Calling people names is child's play, but hey I expect that out of most conservatives. Read my comment again, never said it made me smarter but I think it implies that I can critically think, and you can't considering your reply. lmao.
  • So now having a degree makes you a liberal? Being educated and reading is a bad thing? The founding fathers were some of the highest educated people for their time. Benjamin Franklin was a scientist. You know SCIENCE that one thing trump and his supporters don't understand.
  • Nowadays it's about being a liberal or conservative, left or right. Politics have reached a point where it clearly divides people. Ignorance is the American dream. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in.
  • A Master's degree and you don't know the difference between your and you're.
    Lmao. Education.
  • Your, you are. Anything else?
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  • You're = you are. If you're gonna try and be smug, at least do it correctly.
  • Gonna isn't a word. Try being smug somewhere else because it won't work with me. And I wasn't smug first. People don't read around here it seems.
  • Well you're the one who incorrectly tried to correct a correct statement which you incorrectly stated in the first place.
  • Ah man, I drop the **** I was supposed to give. Lol. I don't care if what I wrote was correct or incorrect, you didn't read everything or you did and just didn't comprehend it correctly.
  • The spell check police just entered the discussion, LMAO.
  • Well if you're gonna bring up your edumacation, you better be prepared for that if you can't even spell lol.
  • It's like my father always used to say...
  • Having a masters doesn't automatically make you correct....or smart....
  • Yea, I missed the part in my comment where I said it did. I thank you for arriving late to the party and incorrectly assuming information that wasn't said.
  • You're right. You never said it. But your words automatically meant it was implied.
  • A very subjective analysis. It's funny how you find a problem with what I said, and not some of this other crap. You can continue though, I have some free time
  • How could you miss "I have a masters degree" and think any different? So the analysis and hypothesis was and is most likely correct. Before this, you didn't know I have a BS, MS, and a PHD did you? Bullsh/t, Moresh/t, PiledHighandDeep.
  • Ok, I'm about tell you a part in this thread that you missed. You missed the part where a person was calling people liberals. My comment was also a response to me lol. You singled my comment out because you feel some type of way. I don't know why and at this point, I don't care. That comment stuck a nerve I guess. Grow a pair and get off AC.
  • A master's degree and still doesn't know how to spell "master's" or "you're" correctly. We are in trouble.
  • Na, your in trouble. I'm good lol.
  • I love the way people use liberal as an insult.
  • How about snowflake, does that sound better.
  • Snowflake is better! :)
  • Ah, snowflake. Assuming all liberals are as thin-skinned as our president? Snowflake - I also wouldn't assume that to be an insult either. It presumes that each is unique and fleetingly wonderful.
  • Yeah, he's a brainless narcissist.
  • This is such a sad thread.
  • This is a sad thread...Words hating words.
    I am glad to see that prick Trump is a cheap ******* though.
    Maybe he will get the deficit moving in the right direction and put a few bucks in his pocket at the same time.
  • He uses the best phone. Such a great phone. It's unbelievable how good the phone is, believe me.
  • Bigly
  • Actually, although I despise Trump and I'm desperately hoping Daesh manage to kill him. Bigly is a proper word.
  • Like I said, you sound like the typical snowflake that makes nonsensical comments, can you please enlighten us why you hate the idiot "according to you" President Donald Trump "who is a billionaire developer, I am sure you are way smarter than him, that's why he just became the 45th President of the USA and you on the other hand are on a board posting nonsense" that you know nothing about, but parrot like all the rest of the snowflakes, so let me guess you would have rather had the lying crook politician named Hillary Clinton in the white house, who had sold out every American to the highest bidder countless times over the years for her personal gain, and amassed a 300 plus million dollar fortune on a government salary​, that is why the Clinton "money laundering" Foundation is closing down "no rain to close down if you are a real charity foundation", because all her pay for play donors are pulling out, now that she is no longer in office she can no longer peddle state favors for her own profit. I am sure all her banker friends and corporate lobbyists are not so happy that they financed her filthy campaign to the tune of 1.2 billion dollars and are getting nothing in return. When you can come back and argue with me on facts, and not fiction, nonsense that you just pull out of your anal cavity is not facts, than I will take you seriously, critical thinking and thorough analysts is needed for that. As I said your initial comment was and still is nonsensical and idiotic. And lets get back to what phone the President used, shall we.
  • Facts? How's about these. More Mexican immigrants have returned to Mexico from the US than have migrated to the US since the end of the 2007-08 financial crisis, according to the Pew Research Center. Research also shows that immigrants are more law-abiding than non-immigrants. Yet he is going to build a Ruddy great wall.
  • No one said anything about LEGAL immigrants, what planet did you just land from, apparently you need to go look up the term ILLEGAL and LEGAL. Apparently you snowflakes do not know the difference.
  • Yes, and it was these same research centers and pollsters that said Clinton was going to win by a landslide.
  • Trump's money was inherited, you don't have to be a genius to inherit money.
  • Yes, it's a real word. But Trump doesn't use it correctly.