We'd love to give you guys good news about the Android-powered Spring Design Alex e-reader but sadly that's not the case. It's not entirely bad news so that's something to hang your hat on (kind of). But the Alex e-reader that was originally supposed to become available at the end of February is no where to be found. Their own website currently says that orders will begin in the first week of March, and that has gone by as well. Engadget says that they've been re-assured by the company that orders will begin in the "next week or two" and customers will get the Alex e-reader by "early spring", whatever that means.

The Alex e-reader, which we got a hands-on with at CES, is an impressive little device that combines a LCD screen and e-ink screen on one slate (like the Nook). Unlike the Nook, Android is front and center and we thought everything worked really well together. We hope that Spring Design can hammer out the final details because we think that the Alex e-reader can be that Android-powered e-reader we never knew we wanted.