Where to find a replacement Galaxy Note 8 stylus

Best answer: Your best bet in finding a replacement Galaxy Note 8 stylus is to pick up the S-Pen from either Samsung or Amazon.

How to replace the Note 8 S-Pen

Well, now you've gone and done it haven't you? You misplaced your S Pen and now there's literally a hole in your Note 8 that you can't fill.

Well, that's not exactly true. If you need a replacement S Pen you'll find a bunch of options online — but which should you get? Are the potential savings worth going with a third-party stylus?

Be wary of cheap knockoffs

Whether you somehow managed to break your S Pen or did something stupid like leave it on a table at a coffee shop, you might be inclined to save money by getting a cheap replacement option. Considering you can get a third-party stylus that looks just like the S Pen for just $10, this might seem like a good idea.

But you only need to look at the user reviews from the Amazon community to hear that the old adage "you get what you pay for" ringing in your head. While there are plenty of opportunities to save money buying third-party accessories for your phone, something as proprietary as the S Pen is probably not an accessory you want to cheap out on.

If you frequently use the S Pen to enhance the functionality of your Note 8, don't risk getting a defective product from a cheap Chinese distributor, especially when the official Samsung replacement S-Pen is available on Amazon. Just be wary of different sellers that might claim to sell the OEM S Pen but aren't. Verify the seller on Amazon's page for the S Pen — if it says sold by Amazon, you should be good — or head over to Samsung's website to buy direct.

Andrew Myrick
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