Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi Box in the U.S.

Though the new Xiaomi Mi Box has been on sale for some time, it's been a little tough to get your hands on one. Most major retailers have yet to start selling the boxes, and many that have don't have consistent stock or pricing. If you're still looking to get your hands on this $69 Android TV box, we've rounded up all of the best places to buy it.


As is often the case for new and hard-to-get tech, Amazon is pretty swarmed with resellers that are trying to mark up and make some extra money on the Mi Box. There are a lot of confusing listings for either older versions or Chinese models of the Mi Box, which you don't want, but there is a legitimate item listing where you can go for the proper version. At the time of writing you'll be buying from a reseller at a markup, but then again you may be okay with that in exchange for being able to buy from Amazon with the discounts and buyer protection that's included.

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At the time of writing Newegg doesn't have its own listing for the Mi Box, but is instead listing it for a partner store that has marked up the price a little bit to $99. That's still a solid deal for this box and may be worth it if you prefer to shop from Newegg, but we'd recommend this as a last resort if the other places with the proper retail price don't have stock when you're looking to buy.

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Buy the Mi Box at Walmart

The biggest U.S. retailer offering the Mi Box is Walmart, though stock can be hit or miss. You may have to check local availability in a nearby store, but chances are if you check back often you'll be able to get one online and have it shipped. You'll pay the standard $69 price and get free shipping if you order online, or free in-store pickup if not.

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