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Best answer: The Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 are the company's newest smartwatches and they both offer six days of battery life. If you've lost track of your charging cable or need a backup to have on hand, you can buy a Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 replacement charger directly from Fitbit. There are numerous options on Amazon, too, including some cheaper third-party options.

Choosing a Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 replacement charger

If you've had your eye on the Fitbit Sense or the Fitbit Versa 3 since the initial announcement, you know that these watches are packed with features that make for a great wearable experience. You may also know that the battery life is impressive. Both of these models offer six days of battery life on a single charge.

The incredible battery life is just one reason that these two wearables are some of the best Android smartwatches on the market. The Fitbit Sense is geared toward health-focused individuals who want advanced sensors for in-depth tracking. The Fitbit Versa 3 is geared more toward casual users who want a watch that can track their daily activities.

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The good news is that no matter which of these watches you buy, they use the same charging cable. You can buy a Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 replacement charger directly from the company's website. If you happen to be a frequent Amazon user, there's an official Fitbit store that sells it for the same price, too.

Perhaps you want more than just a charging cable for your watch. If you're a fan of charging docks or charging stands, you'll appreciate some of the third-party options available on Amazon. Most of these listings come with both the cable and the dock or stand. Best of all? They're more affordable than buying the cable alone from either of the official online stores.

There are also multi-packs from third-party sellers on Amazon, so you can share with friends or family or keep a backup around in case you lose one. If you want variety, Amazon is the best place to buy a Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 replacement charger.

Advanced health smartwatch

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense

Sensors galore

Both the Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 offer stellar battery life, GPS, heart-rate monitoring, activity/sleep tracking, guided breathing sessions, and more. If you want a more health-focused wearable, the Sense also offers electrocardiogram (ECG), electrodermal activity (EDA), and skin temperature sensors.

Keep it charged

Fitibit Sense Versa 3 Charging Cable Render

Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Charging Cable

Stay charged

Whether you're rocking the Fitbit Sense or the Fitbit Versa 3 on your wrist, there are various options when it comes to finding a replacement charger. They both offer six full days of battery life, so you can keep enjoying great features with any of these charging cables. You can buy a charger from Fitbit or Amazon, the choice is all yours.

Dock it

Kimilar Fitbit Sense Versa 3 Charging Dock

KIMILAR Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Charger

Battery for days

If you like using charging docks, you'll love that this one is designed to protect your watch from being damaged by over-voltage and over-current. Simply place your wearable onto the dock and push it into the charging port. Remember that you'll need to remove any full-body case screen protector before charging.

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