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Best answer: You can find a replacement remote for your Amazon Fire TV Stick at both Amazon as well as at Best Buy. You'll have all the same functions for controlling your Amazon Fire TV Stick as you did with the remote that came in the box.

Where can you find a replacement Fire TV Stick remote?

Television controllers are one of those things that mysteriously go missing, so knowing where to buy a replacement Fire TV Stick remote is probably a good idea. We're happy to report that Amazon has made it easy to get your hands on a new remote for that lost or broken one that came in the box.

Amazon has made multiple versions of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but, thankfully, Amazon has made buying a replacement remote worry-free. The latest controller works with not only the 2020 Fire TV Stick but also the first generation. It will even work with the original Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and all other versions of the Fire TV. You won't have to figure out which Fire TV Stick you have or worry if the remote will operate it.

You can also get one at Best Buy if you'd rather go to an in-person store.

Amazon Fire TV StickSource: Android Central

There's a lot to like about the Amazon Fire TV Stick. From its design to the price, it's a great streaming device. To make it even better, it's paired with a good remote with some helpful features of its own. Each time Amazon announces new products it does an excellent job not forgetting about the previous versions. That rings true for the Fire TV remote control too, and even it can get updates from time to time. Adding in new commands as well as Alexa for voice controls helps to make for an overall better Amazon Fire TV experience.

So whether the couch troll stole your Fire TV Stick remote, or it got damaged while you maybe got a bit too excited during the game, you can rest assured that you'll be able to pick up a new remote to handle your streaming needs. All you have to do is set up the new remote and you're back to watching.

You have the power

Amazon Fire TV Remote

Alexa Voice Remote

To control you Amazon Fire TV and beyond

The new remote that Amazon has for its Fire TV line-up is its best yet. With Alexa voice actions built-in and buttons to control your soundbar, TV, or audio receiver, it gives you more power over your entertainment than ever before.

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