Where to buy the LG G6 in the U.S.

Updated December 2017: This post was last updated with new pricing and the latest offers from U.S. carriers and retailers.

One of our favorite phones of 2017 so far is now available on American shores. The big four U.S. carriers have started selling the LG G6. Here's how much you'll be paying.

Buy the LG G6 from Verizon

Verizon (opens in new tab) is offering the G6 for $22 per month for 24 months with $0 down, which equals $528 when you're finished paying the phone off. Oddly, the device is also available for $672 if you're paying the full retail price, in black and platinum colors.

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Buy the LG G6 from AT&T

AT&T has the same two colors available for $19.50 per month for 30 months, which equals $585. The phone is also available for $584.99 if you'd like to pay the full cost up front.

See at AT&T (opens in new tab)

Buy the LG G6 from Sprint

Over on Sprint, it's $20 monthly on Sprint's Flex 18-month lease (totaling $360), or $480 on Sprint's Unlimited outright. Those that get the phone on Sprint Flex can

See at Sprint

Buy the LG G6 from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has one of the better deals for the LG G6 right now: $20 down and $20 per month for 24 months, or the same $500 outright.

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Buy the LG G6 from other retailers

B&H Photo (opens in new tab) has the U.S. unlocked G6 (LG-US997) available for $599.99, as does Amazon (opens in new tab) for the same price. Best Buy (opens in new tab) has it for $699.99 but it should get a price drop shortly.

The LG G6 is also one of the newest Amazon Prime exclusive phones, available with lockscreen ads for about $600 at the time of writing. Amazon also has the LG G6+, which is the same as the standard G6 but with 128GB of storage (up from 32GB) and a more powerful DAC. At the time of writing, the Amazon Prime version of the G6+ is available for $500, even cheaper than the standard G6.

LG G6 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

LG G6+ at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Picking up a G6? Hit the comments and let us know!

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  • Wonder what defects this LG phone will become infamous for?
  • Why so negative? Couldn't be worse than the Note 7. Maybe there won't be any issues with it at all. I've never had any issues with my G5. The o ly thing I don't like about it is that it feels cheaply made in the hand. Anyway, the next phone I buy will be the one I keep for 2 years or more simply because not only am I tired of car payments, I'm sick of having phone payments too. It's annoying. So my decision is going to depend on the S8 announcement. It needs to have something that makes up for the lack of dual cameras on the back. Im also interested in the Note 8 but I'm not paying close to $1,000 for a phone. Not happening. The LG G6 so far has gotten great reviews. I'm excited to see it in person and pretty sure that it's the device I'm picking up next. HTC is taking too long with their announcement. I need to get rid of this G5. Dont care for it at all. Feels like the most cheaply made device in history.
  • The G6 is the Government cheese handset. The only way they can or will get sales for that useless flop is giving away freebies. And like typical fools all the low budget bargain basement group discount buyers flock to the freebies. Guess you feel better buying an inferior product cause you need freebies from useless Google or you just like last year's tech in a glass body from 2015. I've been their done that years ago. Enjoy inferiority with the G6 it's going nowhere in 2017.
  • Its just a phone that you won't be buying. Relax....its not that serious!
  • What is sad is that he copy/pastes this same comment on other sites. I admit that I am ignorant about "Government cheese" is.
  • Government has excess of cheese. So most American restaurants use cheese on most of their food. Which uses the most cheeses and also get free tax cuts for using said cheese. That's what he means. Which is also why Americans are more obese than other parts of the world even as kids.
    Anyways this trump+ Hillary troll please don't post anything unless it adds to the conversation or you make money off it.
  • So you're saying our Government has a cheese reserve?
  • You shut your mouth boy
  • That is not what government cheese means
  • Don't hate appreciate
  • Your right. It's not worth buying. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • If you have no understanding of technology, why do you make comments?
  • Lol it trolls so hard! It must need attention.
  • Was waiting for your tired "government cheese" line and wasn't disappointed. You really have no life.
  • LG has no life. They are the dregs of the Android platform.
  • This is hysterical coming from someone using a Zte ZMax Pro ... Troll away
  • ***THIS***
  • Government isn't giving the freebies away, and this phone probably is too much money to be the freebie phone they sell in a tent in the ghetto with the giant "Free OBamaphones." However, enjoy your ZTEMaxPro if that is what you have... should be soooooooo much better at $129 than everything else out there.
    But ZTE might be also considered a government phone... just Chinese government...
  • I wonder that too. Could it be..... BOOTLOOP!!!!
  • Nothing, I've had it since launch and have yet experience any issues.
  • Should've waited for 835 honestly
  • Do you really think that the 835 will make any difference from the 821 in day to day usage, not one bit, you are still buying the marketing garbage from these chip manufacturers, heck my Nexus5X and Nexus 6 runs smoother than the S7 which has the 821, the S7 does not run any better than the older 805 or the 808, and battery usage is the same, not any better with the 821. This is how these manufacturers get you to go out and burn your money on the suposent latest and greatest, and I am using my Nexus5X to post this.
  • The S7 has the 820, not the 821. The 821 was supposedly 20-30% better at lower battery consumption that the 820.
  • Same ****, it's the same chip just slightly overclocked.
  • LMAO, you are buying the manufacturers advertising nonsense, apparently you did not read or comprehend my initial post.
  • May be..I haven't used a device with the SD82x but my Exynos S7 definitely gets better battery than the MXPE which used to barely make 3 hours of SOT. Again YMMV.
  • My ZteMaxPro runs better than your worthless Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 all day long.
  • Who cares.
  • Plus one for this comment. Yea who cares. Use your phone and be happy.
  • I am guessing you have never used the Nexus 6 for more than a couple days. Performance is terrible unless you unencrypt it. I have wanted to throw mine out the window on many occasions. It works great now though. Removing forced encryption really helped. It is so smooth.
  • Why?
  • Careful if you opt for the AT&T deal with the $50 watch. The Fine Print specifically says you MUST also sign up for a Data Plan for the watch for an extra $10/month. So in two years you would have paid $290. Seems better to just buy the watch on your own separately and stick to Wifi.
  • Agreed.
  • Clueless customers will get suckered into it.
  • Tempted, but I want to see what the S8 is like first. Going to hold onto my S7 for a while.
  • Your S7 should be good for another 2-3 years.
  • 1 year definitely. But 2-3 years? Many here will disagree.
  • Why one year, what exactly would happen if you used it longer than that, will it stop working, most people have the same phone for 3 years plus, not everyone is a geek.
  • Everyone here is a geek. Admitted or not.
  • Just remember t-mobile now has a $25 sim fee. You'll need to ask to have it waived, possibly several times.
  • I must be lucky, I've never had a SIM fee. And normally the SIM is already in the box. Even when I've preordered.
  • On new phones that come from t-mobile sim card is always in it. I've been lucky also the last 2 phones and most times you can get them to waive the fee. Their just getting stricter on it.
  • I just moved 2 phones over, no sim fees here either
  • If you just moved phones from another service they won't charge you. They only charge if you buy from them directly. Although I avoided the fee also when buying my s7 edge 3 weeks ago.
  • It will be interesting to see what the unlocked varient will sell for
  • Yep, that's the only model I'm interested in.
  • $599 is what I'm guessing, but LG might sell it for $699+
  • There is no way it's 599 if the carriers range from 650 to 720... I say 649 or 699. At that price though it still may be worth it. Looks solid but don't think it's enough to get me to switch from. My pixel
  • If you have a pixel, I would pass. It already has the same specs and in my opinion, is a better phone. But, opinion is everything, especially with phones. Go with what makes you happy. I go through several Android phones a year.
  • I want the unlocked version also, but I'm on verizon and from what I read, it won't work on CDMA frequencies. Only GSM. If that's the case, I may be relegated to the verizon bloatware version (aargh..i hate bloatware!!)
  • I'm honestly going to just hold onto my paid off LG G4 until it dies, again. I can't justify the extra expense per month. My wife and I just paid off both of our phones with our tax refund last month. It's so nice to have that extra $60 a month in our pockets.
  • Good for you, you are one smart man.
  • That is what I'm doing with my wife's G4. probably 2 months left. Then I'll wait until the BOGO offer for the S8, which we know will come.
  • I don't think I will buy a new phone yet. My Galaxy S7 is fantastic. I want my next phone to incorporate Bluetooth 5.0
  • I dont care about this phone. My Nexus 6p just died and i just picked up a Nexbit Robin on amazon for $160. Runs quick and has fingerprint sensor and USB C so i can use all my cables. I am waiting to see all the flagships before i jump back in.
  • Seriously? How long have you had the 6P? If u ask me, it's a waste of $$$ if you're phones are crapping out that soon .
  • That's a lot of money for a new phone with 2016 specs. If this had an 835 with 64GB on board, I'd probably buy it. Really like the looks of this phone, but I was hoping for something in the $600 range.
  • You mean the 821 instead of 835 chip..... Yup, makes the whole thing 2016. You won't even notice the difference.
  • Hey, if they're going to cheap out on the SOC and on-board storage, it should be a cheaper phone. That's my point. If newer processors don't matter, I may as well get a V20 with an 820 and 64GB for half this price.
  • They couldn't use the 835 because it's only available to Samsung until after the S8 is launched
  • True story. And surprisingly the U.S. and I believe Canada are getting the new snapdragon. Europe is getting the new exynos. Curious decision.
  • Buy a brand new car that is 2016 model yr, and you "generally" won't tell the difference over the 2017 model.
    5 extra HP here or there, maybe... but will the car crap out on you as soon as you take delivery? no.
    Same with the phone. just because its an 821, doesn't mean it will crap out on you immediately.
  • I just pre ordered the Ice Platinum for my wife (on Sprint). As it turns out, Her 4 year old HTC E8's Bluetooth just crapped out today. Did a full reset and her BT will not turn on.....go figure. Soooo, I pre ordered. And YES!! I get the 49 inch TV and google home. So what? She needs a new phone and my daughter gets a new TV to replace her 32 incher.....and I get to either keep or sell Google home. Win-Win.
  • Have no reason why my comment posted as a reply.....it was supposed to be a standalone comment.
  • No, it didn't. You're fine.
  • My opinion (which is worth little) is that it is a nice deal on what should be a solid device.
  • Correction, a win-win-win.
  • Wife and I went into an at&t store and ordered two black G6's. One to upgrade my line and also opened up a new line for our son. She gets the other G6 and he'll get her V10. It's a pretty good deal along with the Google Home. I wish it was about $600-$650 though. I'm going to give LG one more chance on this one. If they let me down, it'll probably be the end for us and LG. If it goes well, we have another son who will be ready for an upgrade around V30 time. So we'll see. Kind of make or break for LG. Either play with the big boys or go sit and play patty cake with Microsoft at the playground.
  • I gave my dad my LG G3 way back when and it's still running strong. That was the last LG phone I bought. I didn't care for the G4 and G5 all that much. The V series looked intriguing but I have been bouncing between Samsung and iPhone to really give LG a chance....especially with the problems LG has been having. My wife doesn't care what phone she uses as long as it works so when her BT crapped out, I talked her into the G6 so I could get the FREE stuff!! lol. We will see how it goes.
  • I've had excellent experiences with LG as well, but the G4 (mine was fine) and V10 had a common hardware defect, so a lot of people are still bitter about that. I had no interest in the G5, but the G6 looks great.
  • My company covers my bill and device payments. I was due an upgrade so I pre-ordered the LG G6 through Sprint. Anyone know when the freebie sign up is active? I can't find it for the TV or Google Home.
  • http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/g6/promo
  • Overpriced
  • Get them while they're hot. LG will get about 2 weeks of glory before the S8/S8 arrive. However, it is laden with gifts and a more favorable price. Spec sheet is solid and it checks a box in the mo Ike market that people may want. I love competition and quality devices so good luck LG. I hate you, but good luck.
  • "Buy the LG G6 from Sprint ... or $299.99 with a 24-month contract " Where can I get this contract price ..was told Sprint flushed all the contract pricing in favor only installment plans or Full price retail purchase Kenny
  • Contract pricing is only available on their website. You have to go to each phone, signed in, and look at all purchasing options.
  • Why is the LG G6 missing so many bands compared to the S7?
  • Skip this phone and wait for the galaxy s8
  • Just waiting for the unlocked option...
  • Stylo/Stylus 3 plus is what i guess, I'll get, half the price when it comes out and does what I need it for....
  • Verizon is giving 3 things, up to 200 on a trade in, a Google home, and 43 inch LG tv
  • I really want this phone but i need 64gb or more with all the apps i have. Also just recently my lg v10 boot looped on me so im very skeptical of going back to lg.
  • My LG started Looping, all i had to do is put a new battery in it....
  • Lg G6 mobile is going on ON Demand mobile i think, because its very cool, when i was searching latest mobile phones, so many of them showing Lg G6 is the latest one, but out of stocks, like when i reach infibeam.com store that was not available, then second store , same thing find, then leave...it is available in off line store?
  • PSA: Great phone indeed but there have been reports of the glass that covers the camera lens cracking. It just happened to my wife's phone after 1 week of light usage no drops. Thread on XDA about it.
  • Hasn't the LG G6 been available, in the US, for quite some time?
    What is new from this article?
  • The headline should be DONT BUY THE LG G6
  • Still think for the price the LG G6 is one of the best phones for the money right now. From everything I've read and heard the V30 is nice but not $300 nicer and arguably doesn't have any better of a camera. If you want a solid built flat screen phone with solid specs, battery life, camera and performance. Hard to beat the G6 right now. Maybe the OP5T is better, but it's not water resistant, doesn't have wireless charging.
  • I assume this article appeared by mistake.?