What Pixel 3 cases do you recommend buying?

Google opted for an all-glass back this year with its Pixel 3 series, and while this does allow for wireless charging, it also makes the phones much more prone to scratches and cracks.

There are a ton of excellent cases out there to choose from, but ones are truly worth your money?

According to the AC forum community, these are the cases you should be keeping on your radar.

I got the speck presidio and Google fabric case. Presidio case already delivered and fabric case will be delivered next week.


I ordered the Otterbox Defender a couple of days ago from Verizon and it was just delivered via FedEx. I purchased the 128GB Pixel 3 XL and I don't want my $1,000 phone to get damaged if I drop it.

Mr Segundus

I bought the Spigen Slim Liquid Crystal Soft Cover - not the best drop protection but I prefer clear cases and thought I'd buy this one to tide me over until more options come out in the market.


Went with the "Encased" Slim Holster and case. Always preferred a holster and the Verizon one's clip keeps breaking on me. So try something different.

Sturm Rider

What about you? What Pixel 3 cases do you recommend buying?

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