What do you think about the Pixel 6 design leaks?

Google Pixel 6 Pro Front Back Leak
Google Pixel 6 Pro Front Back Leak (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with leaked renders of what is allegedly a radical new design direction from Google for its forthcoming Pixel 6 smartphones.

According to the images shared by Jon Prosser, it appears that we're getting somewhat of a return to the two-toned rear panels that we had with the first three generations of Pixel phones, along with a fairly prominent and redesigned camera bump on the back.

Not only that but there are also indications that we will see two Pixel 6 models, including a regular and a "Pro" model, which will supposedly bring back the larger sized phones we used to see in the Pixel XL variants.

New designs in what has been one the most popular and best Android phones are sure to be polarizing, but I happen to really like what I see in these leaked renders. What about you?

Jeramy Johnson

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