What Disney Plus content is missing in Canada?

Disney+ app on a Pixel 4
Disney+ app on a Pixel 4 (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Best answer: You'll find almost all classic Disney animated and live-action features and shorts, the majority of the Marvel cinematic universe, Pixar's full catalog, and National Geographic. It also features content from Twentieth Century Fox, including 30 seasons of The Simpsons, which should be well worth the subscription price on its own.

  • All Disney all the time: Disney+ ($9/month at Disney+)

Disney+ is a great value for Canadians

In the lead up to the launch of Disney+, there was a lot of talk around whether Canadians subscribers would get the full catalog of movies and TV shows that American audiences would enjoy. It's a valid concern, as Canadians often get the short end of the stick when it comes to streaming services, the most glaring example being a disparity between US and Canadian Netflix.

But having spent the good chunk of the launch day scouring through the Disney+ library (when it wasn't giving me error messages), I can confirm that there doesn't seem to be much, if anything at all, missing from the Canadian catalog of content. Keep in mind that there's a staggering amount of content included here, so I did my best to cross-reference as much as I can, but as far as I can tell, everything is available to stream — which is great.

Still content for days

So, Canadian Disney lovers out there, rejoice! Looks like the gang, well, at least what was promised, is a here. Even stuff that we didn't expect to be there, such as The Simpsons, is available to stream on day one. I've noticed a few missing Marvel movies, such as Thor: Ragnorok, but that also appears to not be available on the US Disney+ either.

In short, if you were hesitant to sign up for Disney+ because you feared it would lack the movies and shows you actually wanted to watch, you can put those fears to rest. Disney+ has really knocked it out of the park with its launch day line up for Canadian audiences.

Marc Lagace

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