What is the difference between PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile?

Pubg New State
Pubg New State (Image credit: PUBG/Krafton)

Best answer: A fair amount. Although the core gameplay will be very familiar to PUBG fans, a new map, graphical enhancements, and fresh mechanics differentiate New State's experience enough from its predecessor. A key difference is that New State has been developed by PUBG Studios, the original team behind the first iteration of the game and the first mobile game to be developed by them. While PUBG Mobile was a port by Tencent games, New State represents a true evolution of the popular battle royale and is out now.

Which game should I play?

Source: PUBG Studio (Image credit: Source: PUBG Studio)

Despite New State being touted as the next big thing for the multiplayer phenomenon, players still have a reason to play PUBG Mobile. The free-to-play nature of the title represents a low barrier to entry, as does the option of a lite version for players with less powerful devices.

The game also receives frequent updates. Timed modes are constantly being added to keep things fresh, while the zombie mode continues to draw in players. The game is also in its 21st season, presenting players with a smooth and accomplished PUBG experience, with many years worth of improvements to the formula.

Source: PUBG Studio (Image credit: Source: PUBG Studio)

PUBG New State promises to push the limits of mobile gaming and places players into the year 2051. For seasoned players, this new title may offer something fresh that they haven't seen before. Unique maps including the futuristic setting of TROI contribute to this, as does the aforementioned fact that PUBG Studios have developed the title, possibly adding a level of polish and optimization that PUBG Mobile cannot achieve.

An 8x8 open world and 100 player rounds are the order of the day, and the title is also free-to-play. Ultimately, New State is a fresh, hardcore expansion of the formula for those looking for the next iteration of the game. PUBG Mobile is the vanilla experience, catering to new and casual players happy with the multiple modes and years of polish.

Has there been a graphical improvement?

Yes. With New State presenting itself as the next evolution of PUBG, it makes sense for graphics to be overhauled. With New State utilizing cutting-edge global illumination technology, players should see a visual improvement over the base game, with the title feeling like a true next-gen experience on mobile.

Is there a difference in the mechanics?

Yes. PUBG Studios have added a ton of new mechanics for players to enjoy. Weapon customization is an exciting new addition, enabling such actions as selecting a fire mode and attaching grenade launchers. Drones and new vehicles are also present, while combat rolls and ballistic shields can offer new possibilities while engaging other players.

Have the controls changed in New State?

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

Not really. Despite the new gameplay additions, controls are very similar to those found in PUBG Mobile, avoiding alienating long-time fans while making the game accessible for new ones. In both games, players can expect to utilize touch controls for navigation and actions such as aiming and firing.

In both games, button customization options that suits your playstyle and comfort are available. New State takes this further though, with buttons smaller and more numerous in order to incorporate the new mechanics. Control customization is also more detailed in New State, and many changes from PUBG Mobile are due to optimization, with PUBG studios looking to release a dedicated mobile game of the highest quality.

Minimum Requirements

Both New State and PUBG Mobile have separate minimum requirements for them to run sufficiently:

PUBG Mobile:

Minimum Requirements for Android:

  • Memory: 2 GB and above
  • Supported system: Android 5.1.1 or above

Minimum Requirements for IOS:

  • Memory: 1.8 GB and above
  • Supported system: IOS 9.0 or later

PUBG New State:

Minimum Requirements for Android:

  • Memory: 2.5 GB
  • Supported system: Android 6

Minimum Requirements for IOS

  • Memory: 2.5GB
  • Supported system: IOS 10

New State vs Mobile

Whether you're a new or seasoned PUBG player, New State offers enough variation to satisfy all fans of the battle royale franchise and PUBG Mobile fans looking for something new. PUBG Mobile gamers can still benefit from the frequent updates and new modes, while New State boasts exciting features and graphical enhancements.

However, the most tantalizing aspect of New State is surely the development of the game, with PUBG studios bringing their expertise to proceedings. No longer will the presence of the game on mobile devices be a port of the base game, but a dedicated mobile PUBG, which should be music to the ears of fans everywhere.

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