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Pubg New State
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PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds, also known as PUBG, was arguably the first big battle royale games that helped kick off the trend that has since overtaken the video game industry. While the world of PUBG has been brought to the mobile world in PUBG: Mobile, a brand new game, PUBG: New State, is also in development and currently in alpha testing. While fans wait for more information, Tencent hopes that PUBG: New State will follow in PUBG: Mobile's footsteps as one of the biggest and best Android games available.

PUBG: New State is an entiretly different game, and features mechanics and gameplay that fans of the original games might not be familiar with. Here's everything we know about PUBG: New State so far.

What is PUBG: New State?

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Source: PUBG Studio (Image credit: Source: PUBG Studio)

PUBG: New State is brand new, mobile-only game set in the PUBG universe. The game is set a few decades into the future, taking players to 2051 for an entirely new way to experience the warfare that PUBG has come to be known for.

Information on what exactly has happened to the PUBG universe in the decades between this and the original PUBG is scarce at the moment, but we do know from the trailer that the new map is called "TROI." It's unclear at the moment just what else is going on in the story of PUBG: New State, but Tencent has become known for tossing in some very unique and interesting Easter eggs and narrative points into PUBG: Mobile, so it wouldn't be shocking to see that hit PUBG: New State as well.

What's gameplay like in PUBG: New State?

Similar to both the PC version of PUBG and PUBG: Mobile, the upcoming PUBG: New State will see players dropped into a battlefield and forced to fight their way out. Similar to its predecessors, PUBG: New State will feature an entirely new map, known as TROI, which houses a ton of new points of interests as well as other hidden Easter eggs and items that help explain just how the world of PUBG has evolved.

For those used to playing PUBG: Mobile, nothing should be too different from the brief glimpses of gameplay we've seen. You'll still utilize a lot of your screen to move and aim your character, while having access to reloading, changing your stance, and how you aim on the screen as well. It's unknown just what accessories PUBG: New State will support, but the game is likely to feature phone controller support as well, so fans who would rather play more comfortably don't have to worry.

What's different from PUBG and PUBG: Mobile?

Pubg New State Building

Source: PUBG Studio (Image credit: Source: PUBG Studio)

Since PUBG: New State takes place a few decades into the future, the way players battle it out seems to have changed. In the few trailers for the game that we've seen, things like drones, ballistic shields, and more have been added into the game to give players the sense that they're playing something completely new. Alongside the new gear, players can also expect a handful of new weapons, including a grenade launcher and more fire mode selections for certain guns.

New vehicles will also be making their way into PUBG: New State, with the aforementioned drones being shown off alongside the likes of helicopters that look incredibly futuristic. Other than that, it's unclear just what new aspects we'll see in PUBG: New State that differentiate it from its predecessors.

Can I play PUBG: New State now?

Currently, there are no PUBG: New State closed alphas taking place, with two tests having taken place during June and August 2021, respectively.

However, pre-registration for the game is available, with users on both iOS and Android devices able to pre-register for the game now and earn some exclusive items when the game launches this week.

When does PUBG: New State launch?

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PUBG: New State will launch on Novembwr 11, 2021, which means fans aren't too far away from being able to jump into the game and experience a brand new way to play one of the most popular battle royales ever.

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