The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL — Google's first attempt at creating mid-range phones under its Pixel brand — come in three different colors. Deciding which one to get can prove to be a hassle as they all look great, so here's a little comparison to make your decision as easy as can be.

The fun choice: Purple-ish

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Google always has at least one fun color option to go along with traditional black and white, and for the Pixel 3a series, that color is Purple-ish. That name is a great descriptor for this version of the phone, because while there is a definite purple/violet hue, it's very subdued compared to some of Google's past colorways. The two-tone polycarbonate back allows for two slightly different shades along with a bright yellow power button that adds a bit of welcome contrast.

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Black as night: Just Black

Just Black is the Pixel 3a color you get when you just want to use your phone and have it not be the center of attention. The back, frame, and front are all black, making this version of the 3a incredibly sleek and subdued. It's not a bad design by any means, but compared to Purple-ish and even Clearly White, some people might consider it to be "boring." Unlike the other two colors, Just Black doesn't have a specially-colored power button.

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Clean and simple: Clearly White

If you want a very clean look for your Pixel 3a but don't want it to completely fade into the background the way Just Black has a tendency of doing, Clearly White is a solid choice. The two-tone white finish looks really nice and adds a level of visual interest without being as flashy as Purple-ish. Speaking of visual interest, you'll also find an orange power button on the Clearly White Pixel 3a that helps it be just that much more unique.

$399 at Amazon

Purple-ish is our Pixel 3a color of choice

Following in the footsteps of previous device colors such as Not Pink and Kinda Blue, Google concocted Purple-ish for the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

This is one of the more subdued colors we've seen from Google, but even so, it still looks really great and manages to stand out from the sea of other generic black and white phones. The two-tone purple hue is noticeable without being too in your face and the yellow power button is a great contrast to it.

You don't have to pay more for Purple-ish than you do for Clearly White and Just Black, so if you want your phone to be just as unique as you are, we'd suggest going this route for the Pixel 3a.

Clearly White is our next favorite

With that said, we also understand that what looks good is a very subjective thing. If you aren't a fan of Purple-ish for whatever reason, we'd then recommend checking out Clearly White.

Clearly White is a mostly basic design, featuring a stark white back with a black front. It's a clean aesthetic that can be appreciated by just about everyone, but it does have one thing that helps it have just a little pizazz — a colored power button.

The Clearly White Pixel 3a's power button is orange, and against the rest of the white phone, is a small detail that gives it a little hint of something special which we really, really love.

Just Black is sleek, subdued, and boring

Last but not least, there's Just Black. Some people will likely call it boring, but if you ask us, that's not a bad thing at all.

Not everyone wants their phone to be the center of attention, and that's exactly what Just Black works against doing. It's 100% black and there's no colored power button of any kind. It's about as stealthy of a phone as you can get, and for some customers, that's exactly what they're looking for.

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