What to buy if couldn't get a 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro

To celebrate 500 million PlayStation consoles sold since the original's release in 1994, Sony unveiled a new limited edition translucent PS4 Pro. Only 50,000 of these systems were made available to consumers, meaning you had to be quite lucky to snag one for yourself. You may still have a shot at purchasing one on eBay, but because scalpers are the bane of any good collector's existence, the prices are astronomical compared to its $500 retail price tag.

While you mourn your unfortunate circumstances, here are a few suggestions of what you can buy instead. Some of these are marked up from their original prices because the consoles have since been discontinued, but a little extra money can be worth it for collectors.

Limited edition headset only ($100)

Though you may have missed out on the console itself, the 500 million limited edition headset is being sold separately. Thankfully there is much more stock of these so you'll have an actual chance of grabbing a pair.

Limited edition DualShock 4 controller only ($65)

Like the headset, retailers are also selling the 500 million limited edition DualShock 4 controller separately as well. Again, these will be much easier to grab than the console itself which sold out in mere minutes.

Spider-Man PS4 Pro

Spider-Man is slinging onto PlayStation in a couple of weeks, and it brings with it a special Spider-Man PS4 Pro in Amazing Red, complete with the hero's iconic logo in white. Battle some of Marvel's most fearsome foes in style this fall.

Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Pro

Welcome to the dark side in Star Wars Battlefront II. This console features all of your favorite Star Wars emblems, whether you fight for the Empire or Rebel Alliance. We're 485 days away from Star Wars Episode IX as of the time of writing this, so there's plenty of time.

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God of War PS4 Pro

Being one of the most acclaimed games to release in recent years, God of War deserves nothing less than a quality limited edition console. Both the console and controller come in a silver finish along with markings inspired by Kratos' axe.

Days of Play PS4 Slim

This isn't a PS4 Pro, but it's a nice little commemoration of PlayStation's accomplishments and a thank you to its players. The Days of Play PS4 Slim features a royal blue casing with the controller's iconic face buttons adorning it in gold. Though it's technically discontinued, you can still grab it from sellers on Amazon.

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Just for fun, here are some other translucent video game gadgets and consoles that may pique your interest. The 90s are alive and thriving in 2018.

Old school Nintendo 64s

Joy-Con controller

A limited edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro was announced back at E3 2018, but it has not gone on sale as of yet. Here's a picture of it to tide you over until then.

Check out our handy guide where we've compiled every limited edition PlayStation 4 for you to peruse.

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