There are a lot of things about the Note 10 that stand out, but among them all, the S Pen shines as one of its most distinctive features.

The S Pen is always a differentiator for the Note series, but on the Note 10, it's more powerful than ever thanks to the introduction of new gestures that allow for even greater functionality than what we've previously seen.

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Taking a gander at the AC forums, a lot of our members are already talking about how they plan on using this year's S Pen.


Mainly jotting little notes, sometimes to smart select something on screen, remote camera control. same basic usage as my Note 9 and prev Notes. Cheers, BR


Marking up photos and taking short notes.


I use it for graphic design, sketches, notes. Comes in handy.


I have been using the S Pen since the days of the Note 8 tablet (not the Note 8 phone). I have been using the handwriting recognition for years. The Note10+ will be my 6th Note device with an SPen (tablets and phones). The SPen works great with One Note and Word for taking notes. I take all of my notes for a meeting in OneNote and by the time I am back in my office I have the notes synced to...


Now, we want to hear from you. What are you going to use the Note 10's S Pen for?

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