Some icon packs are timeless. Some icon packs are oozing with class. But not all icon packs have this much fun with their design. When many saw the new Google Play icons, they were torn. Tha PHLASH, however jumped in head first, bringing that iconic design to not only the Google Play suite of apps but to every app on our devices. He's generously given us 50 codes for this new icon pack PLAY. Here's how to get them!

With this pack, all apps look like they'd fit right in with Google Play's own apps

To enter our contest, simply reply to the contest thread in the AC forum. One entry per user (subsequent comments will not be counted in the drawing). We'll be drawing for these code tomorrow morning at 11 AM CDT, and codes will then be PM'd to the winners.

Good luck to you all, and remember to PLAY sometime today!

PLAY icon pack