WePad video demo

I'll be up front - WeLove the WePad. I'm all itchy in the pocket just waiting for it to hit the US shores. Today we get a glimpse of the Neofonie UI and I for one am loving it.  Big icons, widgets, and a sidebar look to be a great mix for an Android tablet.  The video shows something else to get excited over, the first half shows the WePad with a USB mouse attached.  Yes, a computer mouse on a tablet.  Maybe ports and connectors on a tablet isn't a bad idea after all, Mr. Jobs.  Later in the video we see another prototype using the touchscreen as well.  If you're holding out for an Android tablet, you gotta have a look.  At 450 Euros ($609.00 US) the WePad won't be the cheapest Android tablet, but after seeing the latest video, it looks like a bargain to me.  Hit the break for the video.
[via TechCrunch and SlashGear]