We're seeing less and less of this screen.

With methods like Moto Display and Ambient Display using sensors to bypass an actual button press, Knock Codes from LG and double-tap to wake, and the home button on Samsung, chances are your power button is doing a lot less than it did on previous phones, helping end the days where you wore out the power button before you wore out the rest of the device. And while all of these options are welcome inclusions, it does raise a bit of a question: which one of them is the best? Editor Russell Holly recently took to Google+ to list his hierarchy of wake methods, but not everyone agreed with his list. So we're going to put it to a vote in our weekly poll.

That's right folks, today is a showdown of the manufacturers and their wake methods. Do you love your phone turning on when you reach for it, or do you still feel that IR sensors on the front of a phone are silly? Is your phone waking up when you pick it up perfect, or just perfectly annoying? Is your Knock Code something no one would ever guess or is it just too darn finicky? Do you just prefer the ease and the no-nonsense use of a button?

Now, yes, not all phones have all of these methods, but we're willing to bet most of you have played around with or heard us wax poetic about these enough to have an opinion on them. After all, most people wake their phone 50-100 times a day, and if you're on this site, chances are you're on your Android even more than that. So, among your dozens and dozens of wake-ups, which method is the one you prefer to use? Vote in this week's poll and state your argument in the comments below!