Simply, shiny, and slowly invading

Chromebooks, Chromebooks, everywhere...

Chromebooks have come a long way this year. We've gotten both bigger, beefier Chromebooks and lighter, thinner, fanless Chromebooks. We can do more with Chromebooks now, including using Adobe Photoshop and even running Linux in a window if we're feeling adventurous. And Chromebooks aren't just making strides for consumers, as more businesses and more school districts ditch Windows — and iPads — for Google's vehicle for web content and Google Apps for Education.

But the real question we have for you today is… do you even use one?

You know we do — we mention it quite a bit on the Android Central Podcast — and you know we like to write about them, but have Chromebooks begun to invade your home? Do you have one for yourself? Have you gotten one for your parents — or for the kids — as a simpler device that's a little harder to mess up? Or are you content with your Windows/Linux/Mac and your Android tablets?