The LG G4 is an eye-catching phone. But not heart-stealing.

LG has tried to reposition its flagship and attract some of the users that Samsung lost when it cast aside removable batteries and microSD card slots in the Galaxy S6. And while it will take some time for us to dig into the phone's experience and see how it fares in everyday use — or what passes for everyday use in our editors' lives — that hasn't stopped many of us from forming an opinion on the last major flagship of the spring.

So, has the LG G4 captured hearts and minds this week?

LG has a few fans, but still has more people to convince.

Well, not really. The largest group of responding users — over 2000 of the over 5000 responding — said no, they would not be buying a G4. That's not much of a surprise given that we just had two of the biggest Android flagships go on sale this month, and a good many users are waiting for the Motorola and Nexus flagships in the fall before making a decision, at which point these phones should be discounted to a degree. Going a step beyond a simple "no," six percent of responding users said they would definitely be buying something else now, feeling the G4 didn't meet expectations or went in the wrong direction regarding either software or hardware — or both.

Almost 30 percent said that they were indeed going to buy a G4 once it was out in June. And with a display that tries to fight the Samsung Galaxy S6 for dominance, a camera that continues to impress our editors, a removable leather back option alongside those removable battery and removable storage that so many users find invaluable, it's not hard to understand the appeal. Even with the... nuances... of LG's software, the G4 looks like a phone that many users could find themselves using and enjoying.

Rounding out the poll are the pragmatists and the conflicted. Almost a quarter of responding users still haven't decided if they'll buy the G4, waiting on more detailed reviews, quirks, and features to be revealed as we head towards a June launch. And you'll be able to find all of our coming LG G4 coverage over on the device page and in the LG G4 forum, so stay tuned, and tell us in the comments what you're still curious about in this device!