Mobile payments

Last week we asked everyone if they have ever paid at the register with their phone. We broke out a few payment systems to be inclusive, but mostly we just wanted to answer a simple question:

How many of us have ever whipped out our phone at the cash register and paid for goods or services?

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly, depending on your point of view) slightly over half of us said we have used one system or another in lieu of a traditional card or cash. I know we're mostly a US based publication, but I was sure that no support for these services in many countries would crash this one and set everything on fire. I was wrong.

Poll results

In the comments, the yes answers ranged from "one time at Starbucks" to "I use it every day" with most of us falling somewhere in the middle. I really like using my phone to pay at vending machines, so I can buy an overpriced bottle of Dasani water without digging in my pockets for quarters, and I've used Google Wallet a few times where I was able to do so. That makes me pretty average, which makes me happier than it should.

More interestingly, is the large amount of people voting no. There are plenty of reasons why people would say no here, and I want to see how things break down (I'm a sucker for numbers). Here's a bonus poll that I'd like anyone who voted "no" to tell us why.

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And of course, we'll hash it all out in the comments.