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It's not every day that a major tech company reinvents itself like RIM has done. With Android and iOS gobbling up damn near all of the mobile market, RIM saw it was time to shift gears and deliver a revamped version of their BlackBerry operating system. I think they've done a fine job, and hope that investors and customers let it run its course to see what it can turn into. But enough of what I think.

What say you, fine readers of Android Central? We're not asking if you plan to jump ship and rush out to buy a BlackBerry Z10, only if you're interested in what the platform delivers, and more importantly, what it will blossom into. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, and we've embedded it after the break to make it easy to find. Answer it, and tell us what you think.

Before we go, a look at last week's poll:

Are you ready to upgrade your phone?

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If posed as a yes/no question, it looks like three quarters of the folks reading AC are ready to upgrade. That's good news for Android OEMs, and watching them all deliver great gear to win out hearts and minds should be fun!