webOS Instapaper app makes leap to Android

Now that HP has open sourced webOS and announced their Enyo 2.0 framework plenty of webOS developers have been digging through the code. Given the nature of how Enyo works and it's compatibility with WebKit, we're quite certain plenty of webOS developers will be making their apps available in the Android Market as soon as possible.

One such app that has already made the leap is Paper Mache built by Ryan Watkins. The app allows for access to Instapaper provided you have an Instapaper paid account and it does so rather beautifully. With included features such as offline access, syncing across devices and configurable font, text size, spacing and margins, Paper Mache is a pretty no-brainer choice if you're looking for a great Instapaper app.

Designed to work on Android 2.2 and higher, Paper Mache is available now in the Android Market for free; you can jump past the break for the download link and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: webOSNation

  • Yep, totally read Instagram. I died a little on the inside when I saw that it was InstaPAPER. Curse you similar app names.
  • After instapaper's developer's refusal to develop a native android app, made the jump to Read it Later. Haven't looked back.
  • The Verge had a brief review of this app today... it looked laggy and buggy as hell in the video...