This Black Friday you can take a 201-inch display everywhere you go - it’s FINALLY over $100 off

Nreal Air AR glasses in the protective carrying case
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One of the biggest problems that I've developed in recent years is semi-chronic headaches. Much of this has to do with being hunched over looking at my phone, tablet, gaming handhelds, or laptop. Surprisingly, the XREAL Air AR Glasses have not only helped keep my headaches in check, but they also have helped to reduce the amount of neck and shoulder pain that I deal with. The best part of all, Amazon's Black Friday parade has slashed these down to their lowest price ever.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about how well something like these smart glasses, even with XREAL's claims of a "plug-and-play" experience. However, after using these off and on for the past few months, they have become an indispensable part of how I get work done away from my home office. 

XREAL Air AR Glasses:$379$271 at Amazon

XREAL Air AR Glasses: $379 $271 at Amazon

Plug these glasses into any device with DisplayPort Out, and enjoy an experience that you've never had before. Best of all, these give you a 201-inch display that can go with you wherever you are. Thanks to Black Friday, Amazon has dropped the price by more than $100, bringing the XREAL Air Glasses to their lowest price ever.

With nothing more than just the glasses and the included USB-C cable, I can finally stop hanging my head and neck down. When connected, these give me a 201-inch display that I can take with me anywhere, and it's come in handy on more than one occasion.

In most instances, all I have to do is plug them into whatever device I'm using, put the glasses on, and I'm good to go. One recent example of this is when I took a recent trip to see some family but wanted to mess around with my ASUS ROG Ally. All I did was plug the glasses into the USB-C port on my Ally and was able to play some Starfield on the go. 

XREAL Beam:$119$109 at Amazon w/ on-page coupon

XREAL Beam: $119 $109 at Amazon w/ on-page coupon

The XREAL Air AR Glasses are pretty awesome on their own. However, if you want to turn things up a few levels, then you'll want to get the XREAL Beam. While the discount isn't quite as good as the glasses, it's still nice being able to save a few bucks. 

But I've also started using the XREAL Airs for more things such as plugging them into whatever Chromebook I'm testing out so I don't have to be hunched over the desk. You can even plug them into any Samsung device that has DeX and enjoy a desktop experience while using your phone to control everything. That alone has come in handy for everything from getting some work done to laying back and watching a movie without bothering my wife.

It's one thing to have a big display with you, but the XREAL Beam offers even more compatibility and features that you won't find elsewhere. With the Beam attached to both the Airs and whatever device I'm using, that 201-inch screen is turned into a "spatial display." 

There are three different modes that you can switch between, all the while providing power to both your device and the glasses. This is also the only way that you can use the XREAL Air with a Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, playing Tears of the Kingdom has never been the same since I started using the XREAL Air and Beam. 

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