The Galaxy Watch might help families keep track of each other's health

Closed activity rings on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic
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What you need to know

  • A dive into the Samsung Health app's latest version showed signs of a new feature that might let users share their health data with family.
  • Users can send a request to share health data, and parents must provide consent for their child to use the Health app to collect and display their data.
  • Speculation suggests this could hit the Galaxy Watch 7, which had its entire spec sheet leaked yesterday (July 1) along with the Watch Ultra.

It seems Samsung is developing a new family-oriented health feature for its Galaxy Watch portfolio analytic overviews.

An APK deep dive by X tipster Assemble Debug and Android Authority held all the details, showcasing Samsung's development of "family health data." While most functionality remained hidden, some basic information, like the feature's uses, was obtained. An "About" page states the feature lets you "track everyone's progress" after creating a family group through your Samsung account.

Through a new "Share with someone" screen, users will likely see a list of available users they can decide to show their health analytics.

Users in the group can alter how much data they'd like to share or keep private. Additionally, the early code teases users will be able to "preview" what they will share before doing so. Parents accessing their child's health data need to provide consent before the Health app can display it.

The publication surfaced a quick example of how this could look like, which involved a request approval pop-up. After accepting, the app notified them that their child's Galaxy Watch must be paired with a phone holding their Samsung account credentials.

The early informational page detailed that Samsung will run security checks of you and your family's health data "periodically." Moreover, the Health app inactivity for 90 days will result in the deletion of your data.

A focused look at what sort of health data users could share with each other wasn't discovered. However, we may be able to share each other's fitness data, such as steps, calories burned, and perhaps even sleep information. We'll have to wait and see where Samsung takes this.

There is speculation that this feature could debut on the Galaxy Watch 7 before others.

The specification sheet for Samsung's upcoming wearables in France surfaced and told us all we needed to know. The Watch Ultra might debut with a 1.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 590mAh battery and 32GB of storage for an estimated $750. The smaller Watch 7 could feature a 40mm variant and a 44mm size with slightly smaller 300mAh and 425mAh capacity batteries.

Both watches were rumored to launch with similar sensors, such as BioActive, heart rate, temperature, Gyroscope, and geomagnetic.

The good news is we aren't far from Samsung's official say-so as it confirmed the next Unpacked event for July 10. Joining that announcement was the start of its reserve program in which users can snag $50.

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