The Pixel Watch 2 is having charging problems for some owners

Google Pixel Watch 2 charging animation
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What you need to know

  • Users on Reddit are sharing their experiences with the Pixel Watch 2 and its refusal to charge, leaving one user to think the problem is the device itself.
  • Other reports teeter on the belief that the charging puck is the problem as one Pixel Watch 2 worked fine for a few days before the puck no longer charged the device.
  • Despite users stating support hasn't offered much help, one member did state the current Pixel Watch 2 problems are an ongoing issue Google is aware of.

The second generation of Google's Pixel Watch is experiencing some charging problems that are leaving some users spinning their wheels.

Many Pixel Watch 2 owners have taken to Reddit to either voice their concerns or to confirm that they've encountered a similar problem (via Android Authority). In one report, a user's device won't charge despite it being properly attached to the new charging puck. At this point, they weren't sure if they were given a "dud charger or a dud watch," and contacting Google Support didn't yield much help aside from the helper stating the company was elevating their problem.

Plugging the charger into different outlets wasn't any help. Popping it into a laptop's USB port offered a brief moment of relief. However, that was soon soiled as it stopped offering power to the Pixel Watch 2 after a couple of days.

Assuming the charger was the issue, the user ordered a new one. Unfortunately, the watch would continuously charge and then stop intermittently before it stopped working altogether. So, it appears as though the Pixel Watch 2 was the problem in this case, but that doesn't seem to be the trend overall.

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Another Redditor posted their own issues with their Pixel Watch 2's charging, which makes one believe that their problem is restricted to the charger. After four days of use, the device would no longer charge on its bundled puck. Much like the first case, this user attempted plugging their charger into other outlets and even charging bricks to try and rectify it on their own.

The user then attempted to contact Google support about receiving a new charger, considering others have done the same, but to no avail.

Comments have continued to discuss the problem, with many thinking their watch was bundled with a defective charger. They have ensured the pins are connected to the back of the watch properly, as explained on its support page, yet nothing is working as it should.

The only bright side is that not every Pixel Watch 2 is experiencing such frustrating problems. Owners with an affected device are being met with a brick wall when contacting Google, while others are being told, "I need to check with my higher-ups. Watch your email for a response. It could be in the next day or two," as one user was given.

Despite all of the runaround and constant confusion as to which piece of hardware is at fault, a Googler has responded to one user's support ticket saying, "This is also one of our ongoing issues with our Pixel Watch 2." Android Central has reached out to Google for comment about the current charging problem with its latest smartwatch.

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