One UI Watch 5 beta is officially delayed, Samsung will work to get it stable

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro close-up of default watch face.
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What you need to know

  • Samsung's delay of the One UI Watch 5 beta comes as certain aspects "took longer than expected."
  • These issues are seemingly in relation to getting One UI Watch 5 to work well alongside Google's new Wear OS 4 software.
  • The company has given no date as to when users can expect the beta to begin.

Samsung users interested and eagerly awaiting the beta for One UI Watch 5 are in for some disappointing news. Today, users took to the Korean Samsung Community Forums to address concerns regarding the missing One UI Watch 5 beta. The program was previously set to begin in May, but with us at the end, an operation manager stated that the One UI 5 beta is officially delayed.

In their machine-translated post, the manager stated, "... the coordination to reflect Google's Wear OS 4.0 took longer than expected." Afterward, they stated Samsung will do its best to prepare for a stable release so the beta can begin "as soon as possible."

What's more, the operation manager had no information regarding when users could expect the beta to actually begin.

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 are set to receive the One UI Watch 5 update when it does roll out officially later this year. Samsung offered some details surrounding the large wearable update which should incorporate better sleep tracking, personalized heart rate zones, and updated safety features.

The Korean OEM stated that users would learn more about some additional features coming for the update at a later date. Following that announcement, we did begin to learn a bit about what else to expect.

Some additional features coming along with this watch update lean more on the health side of the smartwatches. Samsung recently announced its irregular heart rhythm notifications for the Galaxy Watch and has cleared the FDA for consumer use. If your watch detected too many irregular moments, it will prompt you to take an ECG on the watch for a more accurate reading.

It is unfortunate users won't be getting their hands on the One UI Watch 5 beta this month. However, we're running into a crunch time if Samsung is interested in a beta phase for users. Samsung is preparing to launch its Galaxy Watch 6 this summer during its next Unpacked event. This could happen as soon as late July if the recent rumors about the event ring true.

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