Mobvoi upgrades sleep tracking on its smartwatches, but for a price

TicWatch Pro 3 Vs Pro 4g
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What you need to know

  • Mobvoi begins rolling out a sleep VIP membership service for users through its companion app.
  • The subscription plan delivers advanced sleep-tracking features along with heart rate and SpO2 data.
  • Users can purchase the monthly subscription for $2.99 as part of its early bird special before it rises to $4.99.
  • TicWatch GTH 2 owners can participate in this membership's free trial for six months.

Mobvoi slips a new subscription service to its users for its watches involving sleep and other tracked wellness information.

According to Mobvoi's recent tweet, upgraded sleep features have started rolling out for users to begin purchasing through this VIP subscription service.

Through this VIP service, Mobvoi wearable owners can take part in some advanced sleep analytics. There is also a new feature for your nightly rests that Mobvoi is introducing. Those who have decided to subscribe will find a library filled with 50+ songs in their library to fall asleep to.

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Some AI magic has found its way into the VIP service, providing users with sleep insights such as recommendations for each sleep cycle and a sleep cycle reminder. Users will also gain a monthly and weekly report of their sleep patterns.

On the wellness side, unlocking these new sleep VIP service features offer a look into your maximum and minimum heart rate and SpO2 data, sleep trends, and more. Users will need to update their Mobvoi companion app first before the membership page appears for those interested in trying the new tracking features with their TicWatch smartwatch.

TicWatch GTH 2 owners can demo this VIP service for six months for free before deciding to continue or not. On the other hand, there is an early bird special from December 20 to December 31, allowing users to subscribe for $2.99. Once the special ends, users will be required to fork up $4.99 a month from there on after.

Mobvoi is also offering quarterly and annual payment options for its membership service, which are being offered at $2.66 and $2.25 as part of this early bird special as well.

That said, if you don't want to sign up for the subscription, non-VIP members are also getting some upgraded sleep metrics. This includes recommended sleep intervals, sleep reminders, some analytics and statistics of sleep duration in weekly and monthly reports, and access to 12 sleep aid audios.

The Chinese wearable producer has been pretty lax on delivering WearOS 3 to its users, but it has teased that its next watch would run on the latest software. It's assumed that this would be the successor to last year's TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra.

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