Pixel Watch teardown video sheds light on the watch's repairability, or lack of it

Google Pixel Watch band
(Image credit: Chris Wedel/Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A new teardown video demonstrates the ordeal of repairing the Google Pixel Watch.
  • The video shows how difficult replacing broken parts of the watch will be.
  • Unfortunately, the crown and button do not appear to be replaceable.

If you've ever wondered what makes Google's first-generation smartwatch tick, a new teardown video is here to help. It demonstrates that the device is not easily repairable, though it's not impossible to replace some parts.

Courtesy of iFixit, we now have our best look at the innards of the Google Pixel Watch. The watch obviously looks premium in terms of design and software, but this may not be the case once you pry open the wearable device. As iFixit puts it, the way the internals are arranged looks "ugly."

Popping off the dome-shaped glass display is nothing out of the ordinary. However, you can't detach it without removing the battery first since the display connector is buried under the battery pouch. But you shouldn't really have your Pixel Watch's screen pried open just for the sole purpose of replacing it because that seems pointless. One Pixel Watch owner cracked the screen and was told by Google that no replacement would be available.

The Pixel Watch screen may be a breath of fresh air when compared to many of the best Android smartwatches, but you'll want to wear it with extra caution. But accidents do happen, and if you unfortunately smash it against something, you're probably better off buying a new watch than going through hell trying to get it fixed.

On the other hand, it's nice to see that the sensors are soldered directly to the motherboard instead of the rear exterior plate. This means that if the glass cover on the underside cracks under any circumstances, it can be easily replaced.

Unfortunately, the button and crown don't appear to be replaceable. This is another concerning aspect of the smartwatch because it's impossible to remove them from the frame without damaging the adjacent components.

The watch is clearly not big on repairability, so before you buy it, especially given the price, you should protect its screen with any of the best Pixel Watch screen protectors. The bottom line is that it's a piece of tech that requires constant babysitting.

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