Google Pixel Watch grabs the April 2023 update with the latest security patch

Downloading an update on the Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google released the April 2023 update for its Pixel smartphones.
  • The company also released the April update for the Pixel Watch.
  • The update only includes the latest monthly security patch, with no major fixes or features.

Google's April 2023 update may have been a bit delayed for its Pixel smartphones, but the company is also starting off the week with a new update for the Pixel Watch as well.

Google has been pretty good at keeping the Pixel Watch updated on a monthly basis, and that continues with the April 2023 update, which the company announced in a blog post on Monday. The update is fairly small and doesn't appear to include any new features, improvements, or even bug fixes.

According to Google, Pixel Watch users can only expect the latest security patch as part of the Android Security Bulletin. This should take care of any vulnerabilities found in the system or within the Exynos chip powering the watch.

The update will arrive on "all supported Pixel Watch devices" and will roll out globally over the next week, depending on the device and carrier attached to the watch, if there is one. The new update comes with firmware version RWDA.230114.010.G2.

You can update the Pixel Watch by navigating to Settings > System > System update. However, if the update doesn't immediately show up, you can try forcing it by repeatedly tapping the update screen until it pops up, although there's no guarantee this method will pull the update.

The Pixel Watch still displays the time even when the battery is dead as of the March 2023 update

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Not every Pixel Watch update brings new features or fixes, which we've seen before with previous rollouts. The March 2023 update and feature drop brought a few useful new features, such as the ability to check the time even when the battery dies and turning the crown to wake the display.

Meanwhile, the April update for Pixel smartphones includes a few fixes for Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and Macro Focus on the Pixel 7 Pro.

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