Make your Pixel Watch feel brand new with these watch faces

Google Pixel Watch 2 hands-on
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has begun rolling out the Pixel Watch 2 watch faces on the original Pixel Watch.
  • The new watch faces include six new additions: Adventure, Analog Arcs, Analog Bold, Digital Bold, Large Scale, and Rotation.
  • The new additions appear to come from a new update to the Pixel Watch watch faces app.

Do you have the original Pixel Watch but don't wanna spring for the newer and much-improved Pixel Watch 2? Well, Google is throwing you a bone by bringing some of the latest watch faces to last year's smartwatch.

The "new" watch faces were spotted by some owners of the original Pixel Watch (via 9to5Google). Apparently, the six new additions Google added to its latest wearable coming to the first-gen smartwatch include Adventure, Analog Arcs, Analog Bold, Digital Bold, Large Scale, and Rotation, bringing the total number of styles up to 25.

It seems that getting your hands (or wrist) on these new watch faces requires an update to the "Pixel Watch watch faces" app. The November 6 update, which appears to bring the new watch face, is apparently still rolling out, but should you get the update, your watch should have access to the new watch faces.

While both the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 differ in their internal hardware (chipset, batter size), the overall design is mostly identical between the two, including the display size and resolution. It's not clear why these new watch faces weren't already available on the original watch, particularly following the Wear OS 4 update rolled out in October, but better late than never.

Meanwhile, Google has yet to issue a November 2023 update for the original model, so this sort of makes up for it. Instead, the November 2023 update was pushed exclusively for the LTE Pixel Watch 2 for some reason, and it only included the latest security patch level and some nondescript bug fixes.

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