Rumored Galaxy Watch 6 prices show it might get more costly

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What you need to know

  • Rumored French Galaxy Watch 6 prices show consumers might have to give more for the next iterations.
  • Potential Galaxy Watch 6 owners may need to fork over $349 with its larger 44mm variant possibly starting at $381.
  • The Watch 6 Classic rumored prices are nearly $100 more than the Watch 4 Classic.

The hype isn't dying down one bit and it's now bubbling up new rumors about the potential pricing of the Galaxy Watch 6 series.

According to the French publication Dealabs Magazine, the Galaxy Watch 6 might jump in price once it releases (via 9to5Google). The rumored prices in France are as follows:

  • Galaxy Watch 6 (40mm): €319.99 (Bluetooth), €369.99 (LTE)
  • Galaxy Watch 6 (44mm): €349.99 (Bluetooth), €399.99 (LTE)
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (43mm): €419.99 (Bluetooth), €469.99 (LTE)
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (47mm): €449.99 (Bluetooth), €499.99 (LTE)

To give us an idea, taking the rumor at face value, consumers in the U.S. may see a 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 at $349 for its Bluetooth connectivity. The larger 44mm variant would rise to about $381, potentially. Interested parties of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic may observe prices of $457 and $490, respectively for the Bluetooth version.

These prices are a bit different than what we're exposed to now with the Galaxy Watch 5 and even stretching back to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The former is currently going for $279 while the Watch 4 Classic started at around $100 less than its rumored launch price later this summer. Although, it's worth mentioning that U.S. and European pricing doesn't always translate perfectly, so take these estimates with a pinch of salt.

The French publication touched on the potential colors for the Galaxy Watch 6: graphite and cream for the 40mm variant while the 44mm version may find graphite and silver. Further, the Watch 6 Classic may see black and silver for both size variants.

We saw colors similar to this leak (and more) last week the Galaxy Watch 6 series' renders were unearthed. The leaked renders may have involved both watches, however, they showed the potential for much thinner bezels for the Galaxy Watch 6, specifically. Not only did the renders show how much closer the display has gotten to the physical edge of the device but also Samsung's continuous usage of Sapphire glass to help deter scratches and dust.

Unfortunately, the Watch 6 Classic may deliver more prominent bezels instead of the opposite.

Samsung's summer Unpacked event, which has been confirmed to take place sooner than normal, in Seoul, South Korea is happening soon. Not only will we learn officially the details surrounding the Galaxy Watch 6 series but we're also eagerly awaiting the launch of the Korean OEM's next wave of foldables.

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