This early Black Friday deal on the Fitbit smart scale will jump-start your weight loss goals

A woman stands on the Fitbit Aria Air
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To take the best advantage of Fitbit Premium, it helps to input your weight and BMI so you can track your progress over time. You can import your data from various smart scales or add data manually, but the model with the best synchronization with your Fitbit device is obviously the Fitbit Aria Air, which updates data to your Fitbit app via Bluetooth.

The Fitbit Aria Air displays your weight on the scale and more detailed metrics on the Fitbit app like BMI. It can track other members of your household (privately) as well, showing your initials on the display to make sure your weight is sent to the correct app. And it's currently 20% off in this early Black Friday deal.

Several Fitbit devices are discounted in the lead-up to Black Friday, including the Versa 4 and Charge 5. And although the Google Pixel Watch isn't yet, we suspect that it will be during the main Black Friday event. If you're planning to improve your health with one of these devices, it makes sense to buy a scale at the same time that works seamlessly with the same ecosystem. 

If you're not a Fitbit user, you can check out some of the other great smart scales to see if they're on sale and a better fit. At the moment, the Wyze Smart Scale is over 30% off, for instance, while the Omron Body Composition Scale is 29% off.

Fitbit Aria Air: $39.95 at Amazon

Fitbit Aria Air: was $50 now $39.95 at Amazon
The Fitbit Aria Air syncs to the Fitbit app via Bluetooth, showing your weight and BMI over time, making it a great choice for owners of the Pixel Watch or a Fitbit tracker. Unlike other smart scales, it can't export easily to other popular apps like Apple Health or Samsung Health, so look elsewhere if you don't want another app to deal with. Otherwise, this is a solid option for both individuals and families.

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