Fitbit's new Sleep Profile will match you with a cute animal based on your habits

Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Premium app
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What you need to know

  • Fitbit has announced a new Sleep Profile feature for Fitbit Premium subscribers.
  • Sleep Profile analyzes your sleep patterns and compares them to the average sleep patterns of people of your age and gender.
  • Based on your sleep analysis, the app will match users with a different animal each month.
  • The feature is available for select Fitbit smartwatches.

Fitbit devices already offer impressive fitness and health readings, but the company continuously works to improve them. That's where the new Sleep Profile comes in, taking Fitbit's sleep tracking to another level.

Sleep Profile analyzes your sleep patterns using 10 different metrics, including sleep duration, start time, variability, the time it takes to fall into a deep sleep, and more. After tracking your sleep with one of the best Fitbit devices for at least 14 days each month, the app will assess your sleep by comparing the metrics to what's "typical" for your age group and gender.

At the top of each month, you'll be given your sleep analysis and a cute sleep animal based on your habits. For example, a giraffe means you tend to sleep later and wake up earlier while getting a decent amount of deep and REM sleep (so I guess I'm a giraffe).

There are six sleep animals, including a turtle, parrot, bear, dolphin, and hedgehog.

Each month, your sleep animal could change depending on your sleep habits. The Fitbit team is hoping that its new Sleep Profile will encourage users to change their sleep habits if they find they aren't sleeping as well as they'd like.

"Getting quality sleep can play a critical role in your overall health and well-being, with poor sleep being correlated to increased potential health risks including diabetes, cardiovascular problems, obesity, poor cognitive functioning and more."

The team says it's analyzed 22 billion hours of sleep data to help shape this new feature, working with a neurologist, sleep experts, and a research team to narrow down sleep metrics and even sleep animal archetypes.

Sleep Profile is currently rolling out to select devices, including the Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe, and Inspire 2. The feature is only available to Premium subscribers, and users can expect their first analysis during the week of July 4.

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