Don't miss out! Amazon deal carves 50% OFF the Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch for a limited time

Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch on brown surface
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This limited-time Fossil Gen 6 deal is sure to end soon, and at 50% off, it's pretty appealing! Amazon is currently offering half off the Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch, dropping the price to just shy of 150 bucks. 

The Fossil Gen 6 offers basic smartwatch functionality, sporting GPS and important health monitoring applications such as sleep tracking and a heart rate sensor. It also has a vibrant, full-color AMOLED screen, ultra-fast charging, and solid battery life. Our 2022 review found that the Fossil Gen 6 didn't exactly have the most consistence performance, but if you just want a simple and reliable smartwatch with decent specs and battery life, then maybe the 50% off discount will help convince you.

Fossil Gen 6:$299.00$148.48 at Amazon

Fossil Gen 6: $299.00 $148.48 at Amazon

The Fossil Gen 6 may not be the most cutting-edge smartwatch on the market, but it'll still get the job done. Right now, it's over half off at Amazon, making it an excellent discounted smartwatch option with all the basics. And while the performance can be a bit unpredictable, the long battery life, ultra-fast charging, and the bright AMOLED display might make up for some of that.

Price comparison: Walmart - $274.99

Recommended if: you want a smartwatch that's basic, subtly stylish, and affordable with this half-off discount.

Skip this deal if: you prefer something extremely user-friendly; you want to be on the cutting edge of wearable technology. 

While the Fossil Gen 6 is far from the best Android smartwatches, mostly due to its lack of recent Wear OS software updates, it still has all the basic functionality most are looking for in a modern smartwatch. It offers pretty good battery life, super-fast charging, health monitoring capabilities, and more. It also includes a nice, easy-to-read AMOLED display though the crown can get in the way a bit, especially when wearing it on a workout.

All in all, though, this particular deal might make this smartwatch a great pick for you, if you aren't picky about some of the Fossil Gen 6's specific downsides.

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