We now have a rough idea how much the friendly LG G5 modules will cost

Excited about the launch of the LG G5? We are too, and we bet some of you are also looking forward to trying out these new LG and Friends modules that can slot inside the phone. The only issue is we have yet to receive official word as to how much these magic slot add-ons will cost. Now, thanks to an official Korean press release, we have a rough idea as to how much we'll need to part with (at least in Korea anyway).

LG will offer a small array of modules that can be plugged into the G5, including the CAM Plus camera grip and extended battery, and the B&O high-def audio module. According to the Korean press release, these new modules will cost the consumer around $85 (₩ 99,000) and $160 (₩ 189,000), respectively. The spare battery, which most will receive free of charge, will be priced at approximately $35 (₩ 39,000).

It's worth noting that these are rough conversions and will not likely represent international pricing. That said, we can't imagine listings to be far off. Would you be looking to invest in a module or two? Let us know your thoughts on the LG and Friends, as well as potential prices, in the comments!

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Rich Edmonds