It could be a Lite-Brite. Or it could be one of those magic-erase drawing things you buy for the kids. Or it could be a case that shows relevant data. It might even be bullshit. All we know is:

Holes. Time. Colors.

And we only know that because @evleaks told it to us. The suggestion of the Internet at large is that it's some sort of magic flip case that will display the time and weather while it's closed, and have a way to do it with an LCD screen that doesn't eat your battery like delicious candy. Alex says maybe it only works if you push a button. But we really don't know what to think of it, and anything we (or anyone not working for HTC or unboxing phones on their bed) says is a wild-ass guess.

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Anyhoo, it's a neat picture. Sort of retro-looking and playful. We almost want to see it in real life. Look for it at the big HTC shindigs this month in New York and London, I reckon. In the meantime, what do you think we're seeing? Comments are open.

Source: +@evleaks

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